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Born On A New Moon Day? Characteristics, Perspectives, Advantages And Disadvantages

The new moon (Amavasya), steps in, every fortnight, as the thick screen of darkness encases the planet, leaving an invisible aura in the night sky. The night on the new moon is a time when the earth resumes its fortnightly nocturnal activities, which your senses can't decipher.

So, how does it feel, to be born on this day? Do not be alarmed! Moon may be invisible and weak during this time, but it has a meaningful impact on the children born on this day.

People born on this day, enter the earth with low energy levels. Each phase of the Moon correlates with some of the attributes, you were born with. Therefore, children born during this phase of the moon do have a powerful impact of them and surprisingly, in a positive way. They won't be distracted by darkness or obstacles in their lives and have a forward-thinking approach. They rarely look back and explore as much as they can in their lives. The new moon phase produces star athletes, best students admired by teachers, , or central figures who dominate professional and social circles. So let's read to know more.

Characteristics Or Personality Traits

  • Often described as a couch potato who idles the time away, people born on a new moon day or Amavasya are known to be an outstanding and creatively bent entertainer, who also have an excellent wit. They have grit, soaring energy levels and creative outbursts.
  • They do not seem to lose that wide-eyed wonder, innocence and curiosity even as they enter adulthood.
  • Although they are deluged by ideas, most of the time, they are strong enough to demarcate their preferences and spring into action to materialize those ideas.
  • They are not the indecisive types that dither over small decisions, but are strong-willed persons with an innate drive to achieve things. This does not mean their productivity will skyrocket magically.
  • The new moon born do not need others to complete them or complement them. They can shine on their own light. As they grow confident with their moves, and with their timing, they will understand where exactly they stand with respect to the world.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

Advantages Of People Born On A New Moon Day

  • People born on a new moon day have an infectious enthusiasm that draws curious people into their circle.
  • Change is not something they can't handle as they are always working on novel ideas and renewed enthusiasm every time.
  • At times, they seem to shy away from striking new relationships which is because they usually skim over superficial conversations. You believe that it takes time for any friendship to develop into a deeper meaningful relationship.
  • Keeping impulsive outbursts under check would help in the long run.
  • They can also feel certain uneasiness about trusting people.
  • Born with an independent mind that is not influenced by any dogma, they show a marked ability for risk management. They know how to strike the iron when it is hot.
  • New ideas, and new trends fascinate them to the brim. . Although on the outset, they are of a lunar origin, their heart and mind, are aligned inexplicably well, which makes them a well-balanced person that knows how to check emotions using logic.
  • They are capable of maintaining a perfect balance between the heart and mind, which reflects in the other areas of their lives. This gives them a new surge of enthusiasm, a belief in themselves, and a readiness to face any challenge that comes on their way.
  • They live in the present and not in the past or future. Plunging into unexplored terrains is something that characterises them as creative. They are sure about their likings and dislikes and they are correct about your hunches about people and circumstances.

Disadvantages Of People Born On A New Moon Day

  • People born on a new moon day are optimistic to a fault and hence termed as gullible by people who use them to their advantage.
  • Secondly, at work, they get started on a project, stop it halfway through and hand it over to someone else. They find that completing the job is the nerve-wracking and leaving it is probably the best solution.
  • Talking about career, they are left with partially executed ideas. This also happens because they find other ideas simultaneously appealing that distract them from their goal. They have to blame their consistent lack of self-awareness for this.
  • To remedy this, they can work on and use the moon phases to bring about the desired change in their situation. Reflecting on themselves during full moon, then planning projects during the quarter moon would greatly help.
  • They are so immersed in themselves that they refuse to see other's version of things, it pays to step out of it once in a while and work on shining their light on others' lives as well as viewing the world in their beacon.

The Indian Perspective

  • As per the Indian perspective, an Amavasya-born child is low on intelligence and mental prowess. Weak constitution and mental disturbance can add to the problem. He finds situations so confusing that he is unable to take quick decisions.
  • Girls born on Amavasya are easily susceptible to bad influences in their impressionable years. They must be carefully brought up; otherwise, they may deviate from the norms accepted by society.
  • It is also believed that Amavasya-born children are slow learners due to some birth defects. They turn into introverted lonely kids as they grow up. Academically, their performance will be below average. They need to work a lot on their attitudes and disposition.
  • The combination of mind and soul, (the Sun and Moon) may distract the person away from material reality and take them along the lines of spirituality. This planetary combination does not augur well for materialistic and intellectual pursuits of life.
  • During the eclipse, they always remain under the clutches of Rahu and Ketu whose combination keeps them disturbed mentally and stressed throughout life. They may have to put up with struggles throughout.
  • Being born in Shukla paksha on Amavasya, can have its own advantages. It creates several good yogas in the kundli that bestow luck and fortune. Possibilities are worse if a child is born in the Krishna paksha.
  • A child born on Diwali on Amavasya day is considered to be a blessing from Goddess Laxmi and it is considered an auspicious day for childbirth.
  • Children born on the Amavasya of Maha Shivaratri are inarguably intelligent. They are considered the preferred children of destiny as they achieve fame and reputation in their adulthood. Although headstrong, as kids, they finally achieve what they aim for.

Remedies To Counter The Challenges

  • Children born on a new moon day must dedicate a part of their life to spirituality.
  • 'Om namah Shivaya' mantra may help them overcome their limitations.
  • Visit a Hanuman temple, and offer Sindoor, oil and cloves for countering the side effects of the Amavasya birth.
  • Appeasing the forefathers via tarpan kriya will be of great help.
  • People born on this day must not pluck Tulsi leaves on the day of Amavasya.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky doesn't confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.
Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons

Story first published: Saturday, August 6, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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