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BMTC's Short Film About Countering Traffic, Pollution And Saving Money Is Sure To Inspire Change

Those who stay in Bangalore are quite familiar about traffic and the nightmares it brings with it. How painful and annoying it is to stay stuck in traffic and getting late for your office, reaching late at movie theatres or even missing your date for that matter.

Moreover, if you have to cross the Silk Board area, then only your prayers can save you. At times, you may feel that it is better to have own car to commute every day as it will be a more comfortable ride and will not burn a hole in your pocket, but you may be wrong. Before you end up buying your own car, watch this intriguing short film by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC).

The two minutes and twenty-seven seconds short film shows the story of two software engineers Ramesh and Suresh. Ramesh is always happy and enjoying his life while Suresh is often sad and frustrated. As the film starts you will find the passengers waiting for their buses at the Silk Board Junction and a sad Suresh eating his breakfast in a hurry and then sitting in his car to rush to his office. But then he is stuck in the traffic which makes him restless as there are thousands of people travelling in respective cars. He is seen coughing due to the pollution.

He receives calls from his boss who often scold him for being late and not focusing on his work.

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On the other hand, Ramesh is seen happily waiting for his bus. He boards the bus and travels in a happy state of mind. He can listen to music, read books or interact with his co-passengers on his way to his destination. Since he doesn't have to worry about being stuck in the traffic, he is able to reach his office on time and focus on his work. This earns him praise from his boss as well as from his wife. The BMTC bus is affordable and time-saving for Ramesh and therefore, he is spending his life in a better way.

The video ends saying, 'commuting by BMTC bus is good for your wallet and job'.

Well, if you are living in Bengaluru and spending mostly on cabs and auto-rickshaws, then buses can help you save some money. Not only this, but you will save your environment by using public transport by reducing pollution caused by private vehicles. After all, it is our social and moral responsibility to save the environment and we should not step back now.

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