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12 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

It's Christmas and the time to show your love and joy through some heart-warming gifts. One of the best things about Christmas is probably gifts. You patiently wait to receive those lovely gifts from your secret Santa. But if you are a secret Santa, you may get baffled by the thought of what to buy for your long list of friends and family members. You may also worry about the extra load on your pocket these gifts can add.

Well, if this thought crossed your mind, fret no more. We put together a list of unique and affordable gift ideas to make your loved ones feel special.

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1. Cute Beanie

It's winter time. During winter times, what could be better than a beanie that could keep someone warm? You can either knit a beanie (if you know how to) or you can buy it from a store or any e-commerce site. You can also personalise the beanie for your friends or colleagues. This will surely make them feel happy and special. Moreover, these are not expensive and hence, won't affect your budget.


2. Delicious Box of Confectionery

If you are about to gift someone who has a sweet tooth, then what could be better than a sweet treat? You can either prepare a recipe or get it from the nearest store. It could be any sweet-dish such as a chocolate pastry, a bowl full of various flavours of ice-creams, or a stoneware filled with chocolates, confections and fruits for dipping? This will surely sweeten up their Christmas celebration.


3. A Charging Hub

If the person is a techie or a gadget lover and is constantly struggling to charge their gadgets, then why not gift a charging hub? You can choose a charging hub that can charge two or more gadgets at a time.

You can get charging hubs in the market as well as on e-commerce sites. These are available in various shapes and sizes. These are quite affordable and extremely useful. Moreover, any gadget lover will surely love to have a charging hub.


4. A Mini Speaker

There is nothing better than a mini speaker for a party animal or a music lover. If you have a music fan in your circle gifting a mini speaker will surely make their day. You can choose mini speakers that are easy-to-carry or can fit into the pocket of trousers. The person will definitely love the gift and will thank you a thousand times.

A mini speaker won't cost you much; you can order it from an e-commerce site or can purchase from an electronics store.


5. A Personalised Coffee Mug

If your friend walks around sipping a cup of coffee at all times consider gifting a beautiful coffee mug for that person. You can personalise the mug by adding the name along with a sweet message.

Monogram coffee mugs can be a nice option for gifting. You can order this from an e-commerce site or can purchase from the market. These are quite affordable and won't look cheap.


6. A Backpack

A backpack can be the best gift for a person who loves to travel. If you have been scratching your head for finding a nice gift for someone who loves to explore places, then a backpack can be the best option. These days you can find thousands of branded travel backpacks in the market and on the e-commerce sites. These are quite affordable and this way your friend or colleague will carry your token of love wherever they go.


7. A Travel Or Gym Water Bottle

Water bottles are one of the most important and useful things that one can carry to places. For that reason, it can help in keeping one's body hydrated. Well, you don't have to purchase for a normal or an ordinary-looking bottle. Instead, go for a no-spill water bottle. For that reason, nobody likes the water leakage from the bottle and getting their things wet. You can gift a personalised travel or gym water bottle as well. This will not only remind them of drinking water but will also allow them to carry water without having the fear of leakage.


8. Bluetooth Earphones

There is always one person in almost all groups who never takes off his or her earphones, even if the person is sleeping. So why not gift that person bluetooth earphones? Since these are easy to carry and save the user from the pain of detangling the wires, people are quite fond of these. This will surely prove to be a better gift and won't cost you much.


9. A Beautiful Flower Vase

Who wouldn't love the sight of flowers after looking at the monitor for a long time.? Have you thought of gifting a flower vase to your colleagues this Christmas? This can be a nice present for someone who loves plants. Make sure you pick a flower vase that would leave an impression.


10. A Nice Smart-Phone Case

These days smartphones are one of the most important parts of a person's life. Nobody would probably like to see their smartphones hitting the floor breaking its screen or getting scratches. Why not gift a nice and durable smartphone case this Christmas? All you need to know is the model of the smartphone. There are all kinds of phone cases available for online shopping.


11. Warm And Beautiful Pair of Socks (or just Christmas Stockings)

What could be better than those cute and warm socks during the chilly winter days? Well, if you are thinking of a useful gift, then you can choose some cute socks with sweet messages written over it. Sellers these days provide you the option of customising the socks. Go for some vibrant colours and patterns with witty or adorable messages. Trust me, this will not only prove to be extremely useful but will also bring a smile on the face of the receiver each time they wear it! Or simply gift Christmas stockings that the person can hang near the Christmas tree!


12. Books

Reading a good book while sitting in a blanket, on a pleasant rainy day or on a winter evening can be the perfect thing to do for those who love to read. Also, a book can be the best gift option for a bibliophile. You can do research on the preferred genre and author before gifting a book to someone. Or you can find out the book they are looking forward to buying.

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We hope you have enough options to choose from and surprise your special ones with some unexpected gifts.
Wish you a Merry Christmas!!

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