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This Viral Video Of Chimpanzee Carefully Washing A T-Shirt Will Leave You Surprised

By Lekhaka


An 18-year-old chimpanzee called Yuhui was found washing clothes at the Lehe Ledu Theme Park in Chongqing, China. The chimpanzee was filmed washing a t-shirt and the video went viral, soon after it was uploaded on the country's social media platforms.

The chimpanzee was filmed for 30 minutes and was seen washing its keeper's tee using a bar of soap. Yuhui, the chimpanzee even soaked the tee and scrubbed it properly while being supervised by a fellow chimpanzee. According to the local reports, the chimpanzee acquired this skill merely by observing its keeper washing clothes. Yuhui had learnt the skill watching the keeper nonstop cleaning clothes.


According to the keeper, Yuhui can even imitate humans by making heart using fingers and can stand on one foot. It was funny and yet so amazing to see the chimpanzee meticulously washing the t-shirt like a human would do. But Chimpanzees and humans have orignated from the same species and they share about 96 per cent of the DNA with humans. In fact, early this year, two chimpanzees were filmed giving bath to a dog and another chimpanzee also surprised people by brooming her enclosure regularly.

    Story first published: Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 20:00 [IST]
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