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Predictions Of Late Marriage Based On Facial Features

There are many factors that can be responsible for a late marriage, such as personal choice and many other factors.

According to experts, there are a few facial features that reveal about late marriage.

According to Chinese Face reading experts, you can find out if you have any of these features; if so, then there are chances that you will get married late.

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Thick, Straight and Hard Hair

According to Chinese Face Reading, an individual's hair thickness is directly related to his blood. Individuals with thick hair are either known to be inflexible or they tend to get married late. Since their hair is straight and hard it is also a symbol of excessive Yang according to Chinese Face Reading and this indicates late marriage for both men and women.


A Protruding Forehead

In Chinese Face Reading, the forehead is indicated to belong to fire in the five elements. Hence, individuals who have an extremely protruding forehead looking from the front or the side, it indicates too much of fire. Women with such a forehead are believed to often make men feel mentally stressed. As a result, this affects the progress of marriage and relationship.


A High Forehead

Having a high forehead is known to be a sign of too much fire and changeable mind. Individuals with such a forehead tend to choose passively or wait when it comes to marriage.


Thin Eyebrows

Individuals who have too short and thin eyebrows are known to be usually cool and unmoved. They are seldom fully devoted to a relationship. Hence, they treat brotherhood, children or marriage very casually and so they have a late marriage.


Too Thick Eyebrows

Individuals who have too thick eyebrows are known to often think too much about everything. They just cannot give up on the unnecessary and over-elaborate issues. As a result, they tend to miss out on many good opportunities and get married late due to this.

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