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Woman Had Bees Living In Her Eye!

Note: The images in this article can leave some of the viewers disturbed. So, go ahead with the story and details only if you have a strong heart.

Worms infesting the human bodies is not a strange phenomenon. Many such cases of severe worm infestations in human body have been reported before.

Here is one such case of a young woman who had 4 live bees stuck inside her eye!

Check out the details of this bizarre case.


It Is Believed To Be The First Case In The World!

Medics say that no other case of live bees in human eye has been reported yet. The reports showed four 3-millimetre-long bees living inside the woman's eye.

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How Did She Get The Bees In Her Eyes

The woman whose identity was not revealed had apparently got into this situation after she visited a cemetery with her family to pay homage to one of her dead relatives.


She Felt Sharp Pain

The woman revealed that she suddenly felt a gush of air on her face and felt that dust had gotten inside her eyes. She cleaned her eyes using water, but it started hurting a lot at night. She felt a sharp pain and her eye was tearing up.

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She Was Taken To The Hospital

When doctors examined her eye, they found the bees and they pulled them out carefully. They were shocked as all the bees were alive for over 4 hours of getting inside her eye. She suffered from cellulitis and keratitis which are bacterial skin infection and inflammation of the eye's cornea respectively. She was lucky enough as she recovered after being treated at the hospital.

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Story first published: Monday, April 8, 2019, 17:41 [IST]
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