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Bizarre Things You Can Buy In China

By Nia

China is a country known for a lot of counterfeit products. They are built in such a way that these products are difficult to differentiate from the original. Apart from making counterfeit products, the country is also popular for some of the unique and unusual products that you would never find anywhere else in the world.

From crabs served in vending machines to even canned air, you can find the most unwanted and strange things being sold in China.

These are some of the things that you would see.


Crabs In Vending Machines

One can usually find snacks like chocolate bars and chips in different vending machines. But China has taken it to a different level as you can find crabs in vending machines! Though crabs are great when they are consumed fresh, this just makes us wonder how fresh the stock is!


Canned Air

This is listed as one of the most ridiculous things to be sold on the planet! Since China is one of the most polluted countries in the world, looks like people want to make the best in the business world. Hence people actually sell canned air in China and it is a real thing!


Tea Eggs

Tea leaves are added while boiling eggs to create a popular meal that is commonly served in China. These special eggs are marbled with lines of tea and they are sold online.


Frog Legs

Buying frogs is quite a common scene in many grocery stores in China. Kung Pao is one of the most popular dishes in China and it is accepted worldwide as one of the tastiest Chinese dishes. The frog legs are one of the main ingredients of this dish.


Alligator Meat

This is one of the strange meats available for sale in China. Huge gators are put on display and can be purchased by customers. The customers define the taste of alligator to be similar to chicken with a fishy blend!


Googly-Eyed Crocs

This product is among the list of ‘you can miss buying it' option! Even though these googly-eyed crocs look like a fine addition to anyone's shoe collection, one can avoid buying them online as a close look at the crocs reveal that the eyes are just glued on. They also look to be made of cheap material. But wonder if people would really buy it or not!

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