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He Was Born Without A Brain, And He Survived

There are several cases of medical conditions that people fight to stay alive. Some of these cases are a real miracle as it makes us wonder how strong the fighter is!

Here is one such story of a young boy who has come a long way with the condition that is very rare. The young boy Noah Wall was born without a brain, and his journey has been recorded.

Check out the details of the boy and his survival journey...


His Parents Were Told About His Condition

When Noah's parents Shelly Wall and Rob from Cumbria, England went in for a regular scan at 20 weeks pregnancy, the couple received bad news. Their baby had life-threatening medical problems.


Noah’s Condition

Noah not only had a ‘spina bifida,' condition, but also hydrocephalus, which is a complicated condition that causes the skull to fill up with fluid and his head to expand. Doctors were not sure if the little boy would survive.

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Medics Offered Abortion 5 Times During The Pregnancy

With so many medical complications, the couple was offered to abort the child 5 times during the pregnancy span. But the couple was determined to give birth to the child.


When Noah Was Born

The moment the young boy was born, the medics decided to place a shunt in Noah's skull to drain the excess fluid as this could help in relieving the pressure on his brain tissue. The family was devasted when the doctors revealed that the boy just had 2% of his brain matter present in his skull.


He Was Able To Eat And Drink

Noah was able to eat and drink due to his brain stem being intact, and since then his life journey has been a medical study as doctors have been monitoring the boy's growth.


Until One Day When Doctors Were Surprised

When Noah turned three years, old doctors got a surprise when they discovered that 80 per cent of Noah's brain matter had been restored. The doctors believe that the shunt they had inserted into the boy's brain to drain out the cranial fluid may have made space for the brain cells to multiply. But according to biological mechanics, it has still not been found how the cells could multiply, and this case was considered to be a miracle.


The Little Boy Is Overcoming His Hurdles

Over the years, now little Noah has learnt many things as he has learnt to write his own name and also speak in front of a large crowd with no fear and a lot more.

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In short, he is an absolute miracle.

What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Images Source: Youtube

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Story first published: Monday, February 4, 2019, 12:09 [IST]
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