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5 Disturbing Pictures Of Zoo That Staff Does Not Wish You To See!

Animals living in a zoo are known to be tortured thoroughly. Some of the pictures of what happens with these animals behind the scenes will leave you feeling shocked.

These are the images which no zoo owner would like their visitors to see what they actually do with the animals!

These pictures will surely change the way you see zoos and hopefully, they will make you think twice before you support this cruelty.

Check out these disturbing images of what ACTUALLY HAPPENS in a zoo!


When Animals Are Painted To Mislead The Visitors!

To make animals look like different species, they are painted at times. Check the picture properly as it's a donkey who has been painted to look like a zebra. It only makes us wonder if the zookeepers know that painting animals with these deadly colours can cause a hurtful reaction, while they are busy deceiving the visitors!


Find The Animal!

We wonder why do visitors throw their waste bottles and plastic covers in the cage of the poor animal. The worst is when the zoo cleaners decide on their own time to clean the cage! We pity the animals.


The Old Are Killed!

When the animals become old and useless where they cannot help the zoo owners from making money, these animals are generally slaughtered and fed to the other species of animals!


During The Cleaning Hours!

The sea animals, fishes and dolphins have the toughest time when the cleaners decide to clean their tanks by draining the entire water out!


When They Are Given Antidepressants!

Most of the animals are often fed with antidepressants. As a result, this leads the animal to react in a bizarre manner which often leads them to harm themselves!

If the animals could speak, it makes us wonder what they would have to tell the world about the torture they go through here!

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 17:40 [IST]
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