She Collects Umbilical Cords To Save Lives

When our loved ones suffer from a rare condition, it makes us realise that we can go to any extreme of doing selfless things that can help our loved ones come out of the situation.

This one is such a case where a woman was not aware of the importance of the umbilical cord and the stem cells unless and until her daughter needed it.

Zoe Tucker Collects Umbilical Cords To Save Lives

Here, we will share with you the story of a mother who is now a professional umbilical cord collector.

Check out her inspirational journey.


Her Daughter Had A Heartbreaking Diagnosis

Her daughter Ruby was diagnosed with a rare congenital disorder. She had a weak immune system since her birth time and she was constantly in and out of the hospital, but doctors couldn't work out what was wrong.


After Many Examinations Doctors Revealed

After many painful tests, little Ruby was diagnosed with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. This is a condition that causes dysfunctions in the pancreas and bone marrow.


Ruby Could Develop Blood Cancer

Ruby's condition needed prescribed medication to ease her pain. She suffered from severe diarrhoea, but the medics told her that there's no cure for her condition. They further added that she had an increased risk of developing blood cancer one day so she might need a stem cell transplant.


She Learnt About The Umbilical Cord’s Importance

When Zoe's second daughter was born, doctors explained that when the baby was born, instead of having her placenta thrown out with medical waste, they could collect the blood from it as it was rich in stem cells and this could someday save Ruby's life.


Zoe Wanted To Help Other Women Learn About The Importance Of Cord Collection

She wanted to help other women learn about the importance of cord collection. She was lucky enough as she found a vacancy for a cord collector in a hospital. She applied for it, even though she needed formal qualification. Hence she became the first care assistant, and after that, she became a full-time cord collector.


She Explains Her Job

She reveals the details of what exactly she does with the umbilical cord collections. She says: "Picking up the placenta from the operating table, I smelled an odour like raw meat. It was still warm - not surprising, as it had been inside another woman just five minutes ago. Working quickly, I used a needle to pierce a vein in the attached umbilical cord and let the blood flow into a small bag, kneading the placenta to make sure I got every drop. Others might have been disgusted, but I wasn't - I'd done it hundreds of times."

Hats off to this selfless mother! What do you think of this story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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