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A Baby Was Born Via Womb Transplant From Dead Donor

Science has progressed immensely and there are new things that researchers are experimenting with. From silicon implants of various body parts to even laser treatments seem to be a blast from the past, and the new inventions and experiments that are being followed these days take science to a different level.

Here is one such example of a young girl being born by using a womb transplant! Though this is not the first case of birth through womb transplant, the fact that the case is special is because the womb transplant was done from a dead woman.

Check out more details of the same.


The Baby Was Born A Year Back!

According to reports, the baby was born on December 15, 2017 but the research is only being published now. The baby girl was born via Caesarean section at just 35 weeks and 3 days. She weighed 2.5 kg and was healthy.

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About The Donor

The details of the womb donor were also shared and it was revealed that the donor was a 45-year-old woman who had died from a stroke that caused bleeding on the surface of the brain. The woman's uterus was removed and it was transplanted into a 32-year-old woman. The operation lasted for 10.5 h.


The Surgery

The woman who was suffering from Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome could not conceive and hence opted to get pregnant via a womb transplant process. Since the donor was a dead woman, the medics had to take extra care in making sure that the resultant pregnancy was a success. The surgeons had to connect the donor uterus to the recipients' veins, arteries, ligaments, and also vaginal canal.


The Infertility Rates

According to medics, around one in 500 women have some type of uterine abnormality which makes it impossible to carry a child to term. Researchers reveal that some forms of infertility affect up to 15 per cent of women of reproductive age.


There Is A Hope For Couples To Become Parents

With this success story, one can expect to get pregnant with options like these!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 6, 2018, 12:36 [IST]
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