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Woman Who Paints Using Her Menstrual Blood

Menstrual blood is considered to be impure by most. However, do you know that there are women who look forward to doing something creative and bizarre with their menstrual blood?

Well, this is the case of Cassie Blue who makes paintings using her menstrual blood, and the excess blood that she has is often used to water her plants.

menstruation paintings

Check out the bizarre case of Cassie Blue who now has 13 months of paintings that are hanging in her bathroom. She believes that the activity of making paintings using her menstrual blood has enabled her to view her periods as 'a blessing and opportunity.'

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Learn more about her and her unique art.


She Started Yoni Paintings

Cassie Blue is a massage therapist. She is 30 years old and hails from Michigan. She sees her menstrual period as a blessing, and she started creating period art which is also known as ‘Yoni Paintings'.


The Reason Why She Has Named This Art

She revealed that she had labelled this art as Yoni Paintings as the word ‘Yoni' means the ancient Indian term for vagina. She has been using the blood to paint on canvases, that she hangs up on her bathroom wall. She started this art in August 2017.

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The Whole Idea Of Using Menstrual Blood

Her periods were quite uncomfortable, and this is when she decided that this will be a perfect way to turn an inconvenience, a pain into a creative outlet. This was when she decided to use her menstrual blood as paint.


She Claims She Uses Less Than An Ounce

During her menstruation cycle, she uses a reusable menstrual cup and pours the contents into a glass jar. She uses the blood to paint only when she is ready. She also claims that she does not even need the whole blood; it is less than an ounce that she needs and the rest of the menstrual blood is used to water her plants.


Each Painting Has A Different Shade

Cassie also explains that each painting of her looks like a different shade from another. Some of her paintings get darker, while a few get browner, and there are those that stay almost the same. She further added that with her new art love she had received an overwhelming amount of support from not only her friends but also from strangers.


She Wishes To Do More

Cassie has over 13 paintings that she has hung in her bathroom and claims that she would love to do more of these.

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What do you think of her bizarre passion?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more exciting stuff, check our section Insync.


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