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Why Is Lunar Eclipse Called The Blood Moon Eclipse?

Individuals from all across the globe will have their eyes set on the moon as it turns a dark red-orange behind the earth's shadow for over an hour and 43 minutes.

Here in this article, we are sharing the details about the lunar eclipse and its scientific information. Check them out.

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The spectacular event follows the Super Blue Blood Moon that played out the evening of January 31 across many parts of the world this year. While this occasion may not appear as sensational in comparison, the moon will still be observed in hues of scarlet red.

As the moon falls into a position straightforwardly behind the earth, accordingly obstructing the immediate daylight, it will procure a rosy tone.

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This wonder is known as a Total Lunar Eclipse. During its orbit, the moon will be at its final separation from the earth; its revolution around the planet will seem to be slower than usual. Also, it will likewise fall under the locale over which the earth throws its shadow, called the umbra.

This phenomenon is known as Blood Moon Eclipse because the moon reflects red light off its surface. The name depicts the wonder of Rayleigh scattering. It is said that any interference in the way of a beam of light is said to scatter the rays and reflect different colours. The diffusing of light is a similar result that makes skies blue and confers an orange tinge to it amid dusk.

Once the moon leaves the earth's shadow after the halfway and penumbral eclipse phase, it will go back to its regular, white colour.

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