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List Of Oldest Foods In The World

There are so many foods that have been created off late but have you ever wondered which is the oldest food?

Well, here we share the list of foods that humans have been eating since ancient times.

Check out the list of the oldest foods that are being used even on this date.



Wine is famously known to be the significant part of the ancient Roman lifestyle. Various archaeological evidence proves that wine which is a fermented-grape drink was popular with humans even before the rise of Rome.

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Pancakes are an ultimate breakfast food, that is often consumed with fruits, chocolate, syrup and a variety of other toppings. The history of pancakes dates us back to Otzi the Iceman, who according to reports was alive sometime during circa 3,300 BC. His naturally-mummified corpse was discovered in 1991 in the Italian Alps. The researchers revealed that Otzi's last meal most likely consisted of an alpine ibex and red deer meat, along with einkorn wheat pancakes which were amused to have been cooked on the open fire



According to historians, bread appears throughout history in many different forms. Researchers in Oxfordshire, England found small pieces of blackened bread which dated back to 5,500 years old. According to reports, the bread is said to have survived all these years is because it was burnt and it contained pieces of barley.



Archaeologists have found evidence of chocolate production among the ancient Olmec people in Mexico. It is reported that chocolate has its roots in the Americas. When scientists tested the interior of pots for the chemical theobromine, they discovered a reliable indicator of cacao.



Honey has so many antiseptic properties and intense sweetness. According to researchers, honey's existence dated to 5,500 years ago according to scientists. Researchers found jars in a long-forgotten tomb in Georgia and are considered to be the world's oldest honey.

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