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Botox Can Reduce Your Chances Of Orgasm! Find Out How

Several factors can kill your sex life. But little can you imagine that the extra effort that you take to look beautiful can kill your romance!

Well, research has proved that people who have undergone Botox treatments seem to have fewer chances of having an orgasm.

Check out the facts that reveal why people with botox seem to enjoy less when compared to people who do not undergo this treatment.


Psychologists At Cardiff University Reveal

According to the psychologists at Cardiff University it was found out that people who undergo Botox treatment cannot always freely communicate with their partners while they have sex. This, in turn, is believed to affect the sexual performance of the individuals and has an impact on the woman's feelings of pleasure as she cannot have an orgasm.

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The Lead Researcher Dr Michael Lewis Analysed That

The effect of Botox affected the sex life of people as the toxic injections that are used on the patients tend to paralyse the facial nerves the most, and as a result, it makes it hard to produce some facial expressions while making love.


They Could Not Connect With Their Partners

It was noticed that women who had used Botox and fillers to look beautiful seemed to struggle in making a connection with their partners as their facial expressions were restricted.

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Facial Expressions Associated With Orgasm

The facial expressions that are generally associated with orgasm are the same muscles that are targeted in typical botulinum toxin cosmetic treatments. The lesser mobility of the facial muscles are believed to interfere with the expression, thus reducing excitement during sexual activity.


As A Result, They Enjoy Orgasm Lesser

As a result, it was found out that the women who had undergone the treatment seem to feel less connected with their partners and there is a drop in the rate of their climax situations.

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What do you think of this research? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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