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Reasons Why Younger Siblings Are Smarter

There have been numerous researches conducted and studies done on the topic to find out if the older sibling or the youngest sibling is the smartest of all.

According to a research conducted by the economists from the University of Essex the birth order is believed to play a vital role in determining how successful children turn out to be.

In the research, it was found out that being the youngest also makes you savvier in your social circle.

Check out on how the younger kids are smarter than the older ones.


Their Memory Is Believed To Be Exceptionally Great!

The younger kids in the family tend to have an exceptionally great memory. They are better at recollecting past events. Apart from this, they are also capable of recognising faces and locations as well.

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They Like Hanging Out With An Older Crowd

The research revealed that the youngest child would easily be able to make friends with other children who are older than them because they are invariably surrounded by individuals who are older than them.

The research also revealed that the IQ and emotional maturity of smart people generally matched with those who had more years of experience.


They Establish Good Rapport

Apart from being comfortable around elders, the younger kid can hold engaging conversations with people they meet. The knowledge they gain from people who are older than them is something that they believe would turn them wise.

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They Have A Bold Personality

These young kids learn to ask for what they want at an early age. This is one of the reasons that makes them fearless when it comes to social situations. On the other hand, they are also known to pick strategies that seem to work for their older siblings as well.

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