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This Is What The Body Part You Dry First Reveals About Your Personality!

Did you know that the part of the body that you first dry after taking a shower reveals a lot about your personality?

Well, it does, and we bring to you the revelations of the body part that you dry first and what it conveys about your personality.

These revelations were made after a research was done, in which more than 100 people that also included women from all geographic regions with different income levels and professions, from the age of 18 to 44, were examined.

Do note: The subjects had no idea they were being watched, studied, or video recorded. Hence, the predictions are made totally based on what was going on in these individuals' minds while they were drying themselves up!

So, what are you waiting for? Find out on how the body part drying is connected to your personality type. Read on to know more.


If You Dry Your Hair First

If you are among those who dry their hair first, then you are said to be a very logical, practical person who, on the other hand, is incredibly boring in bed. You are reliable and dedicated in your work, but there are chances that you would be prone to cheating when when drunk. You will typically use alcohol as an excuse. But this is something that is not mandatory to happen.

The ideal careers of these individuals who will dry their hair first after showering includes accountancy, data entry, clerk, sniper, and also a sweeper.


If You Dry The Ears First

If you are among those who dry their ears first after a shower, then you are an individual who assumes to be witty, but in reality you are not! You often think that if you really put your minds to it, you can achieve anything, but that's not the fact! Most of the assumptions and notions that you have about yourself is mostly wrong.

There are no ideal careers for the ear-dryers.

The Part Of Your Body You Wash First Reveals About Your Personality!


If You Dry The Face First

Individuals who dry their faces first after a shower are known as the "take-charge" individuals. The face dryers will be right there at the forefront, and take in the oncoming events. They are often known to lead others to success. They are tremendously seen overindulging themselves in others matters as well. They are drawn to the spotlight due to their aggressive nature.

Ideal careers include CEO, police officer, host, dictator and mob organiser.


If You Dry Your Neck First

Those who dry their necks first after taking a shower are known to be mostly cowards. They live their lives in the fear of pretty much everything. They need constant counseling throughout their lives. They generally think everything is a conspiracy against them.

Ideal careers include telemarketer, auctioneer, house cleaner, and a singer.

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If You Dry Your Chest First

Individuals who dry their chests first are sweet and nurturing. On the other hand, they are incredibly gullible and quite stupid overall. When an individual needs help, these guys are always there for help. They smile a lot than what they should. This is something that can get annoying and make you want to take advantage of them.

Ideal careers include babysitters, nurses, etc.


If You Dry The Stomach First

People who dry their stomach first are known to be greedy obnoxious individuals. They are not funny in general, but if they're close to you and see you being sober, it will not take a split second for them to get funny. They tend to become very wealthy, but they achieve their riches mostly by doing anything that can gain them a great fortune.

Ideal careers include union organiser, construction company owner, life insurance sales, scam artist, etc.


If You Dry Your Arms First

Those who dry their arms first after a shower have a gloomy life. They even look like the rainy clouds. They do have their share of good qualities, but no one knows what they are, as they are highly unpredictable. They are known to be loyal to only those who are good to them.

Ideal careers include ticket agent, car cleaner, advertorial heads, etc.

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If You Dry Your Back First

Those who dry their backs first after a shower are believed to be the most creative and anti-establishment types. They tend to be the most cannibalistic serial killer type as well. These individuals are the ones who can never be trusted.

Ideal careers include artist, revolutionary war hero, assistant managers, etc.


If You Dry Your Legs First

Those who dry their legs first after a shower are known to be the best people. They are the smartest of the lot. They are known to have fun in any given situation.

Ideal careers include president, king or queen, champ, world-famous guru, sales executive, actors and a lot more.

So which is the body part that you tend to dry first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 14:53 [IST]
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