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Save Your Marriage By Not Being Friendly With Your In-laws!

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner's parents becomes a priority as this is something that no person likes to mess with!

Here, in this article, we reveal to you the details of why not being friendly with your partner's parents can save your marriage!


Well, this is not a reason that we have made up; instead, it has been revealed in a research study done at the University of Michigan.

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The Higher Risk Of Getting Divorced!

According to the research done by the University of Michigan, the study revealed that the closer the woman is to her in-laws in the first year of marriage, it was found out that the chances of divorce increase by 20% more.


But It Was Opposite In Case Of Men

But in a strange twist in the same research, it was found out that the chances of divorce by men decreased by 20 percent when men built a closer relationship with their spouse's parents.


The Chances Of Divorce In Women Bonding Increase Because

According to the lead researcher, the chances of divorce increase in case of women bonding faster because they fail at placing the ‘emotional boundaries.'

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The Research Further Revealed

The research further revealed that women who seem to jump in too early are more likely to get stressed out about the relationship and as a result interpret the advice from in-laws as criticism. This can cause unwanted friction between the couple.

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