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A Ritual Where Married Women Stay Naked For 5 Days

There are many unusual practices that people tend to follow during weddings. Some of the rituals are blindly followed while there are those which have a religious meaning behind them.

Here, in this article, we reveal to you a bizarre ritual where a woman is forced to stay naked for 5 days and has to abstain herself from sex or any physical contact.

Apart from this, also check out the bizarre rituals people follow during weddings in India.


Brides Have To Stay Naked For 5 Days After Wedding Here

This is the weirdest ritual that people of Himachal Pradesh have been following for the longest time. Here, the brides are forced to follow a strict ritual where they have to stay naked for 5 days in a row. During these days, the women are not allowed to get physical with their partners.


Washing Feet Of Bride And Drinking The Water/Milk!

People in Gujarat follow this bizarre ritual where the groom's feet are washed with milk and honey by his would-be father-in-law. The weirdest thing about this ritual is that he is supposed to drink that water or milk in the name of Madhuparka.


The Trapeze Task

This is one of the most common post-wedding rituals followed in Bihar, where a newlywed bride has to balance earthen pots after pots on her head. These pots are placed by her mother-in-law. The newlywed woman is then supposed to seek the elder's blessings by bowing down. The reason for this is to check on the bride's ability to balance her family responsibilities.


Change Of Mind

In certain Tamil Brahmin communities, a funny ritual is being practised where a groom pretends to change his mind at the last minute mandatorily, and he acts to refuse to become a married man. The man is then later counselled by the girl's brothers or her father of becoming a ‘Sansarik' and not a ‘Sanyasi.'


The Groom’s Mother Skips The Wedding

In Bengali wedding tradition, there is a bizarre culture where the groom's mother is not allowed to be present at the time of the marriage. This ritual is practised for the sake of her son's happy life.


The Run-Away Act

Few ‘Adivasi communities' in India have this strange tradition where the bridegroom keeps his newly wedded wife in a hidden place for a complete year. During this time, she is not allowed to go out or interact with an outsider. After the end of the year, the community seniors approve the wedding, and there are huge celebrations that are followed.

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