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He Has Half Of His Nose Cut Off And His Ears Removed To Look Like A Skull

People do all kinds of modification to their bodies, and this is the case of a man who got his half nose and ears chopped off to look like a skull!

He is a tattoo artist named Kalaca Skull who started extreme body modifications and changed the features of his face two years ago to look like a skull.

Find out more details to know his story...

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He Is A Tattoo Artist

Kalaca Skull is a tattoo artist whose real name is Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez. He has been undergoing extreme surgeries on his face to look like a skeleton for the last two years.


It Has Been His Childhood Dream

This 22-year-old revealed that he had been fascinated by skulls since his childhood. But he started his body modifications to look like a skeleton only after his mother's death. This was because she did not approve of the extreme body modification.

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He Was The First Person In Colombia To...

Kalaca Skull aka Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez was the first person in Colombia who voluntarily had his nose and ears removed. With this decision of his, it attracted both the attention of the media as well as a lot of criticism from the public.


His Modifications Include

His modifications include having the bottom half of his nose removed, and he also had his earlobes cut off. Apart from this, he had even split his tongue in two and dyed it grey. The other modifications of his body include colouring the eye sockets dark and having them permanently inked onto his face. He also has skeletal teeth shaded around his mouth as well.


People Are Not Comfortable Around Him

Kalaca admits that his unusual appearance is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable around him. There are times when some people even cross the street the moment they see him, so they don't have to to be face-to-face with him.


His Belief

Kalaca believes that body modification is nothing but a personal decision and people should not be judged for this. He further added: ‘It is like judging a woman for getting breast or buttock implants. For me, a skull is like my sister, a part of my family really, I feel very attached to them.'

What is your take on this extreme modification? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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His Belief

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