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Important Lessons Indian Parents Need To Teach Their Kids Apart From Sanskaar

Indians are known for their sanskaar and their family bonding and love. However, what happens when you suddenly realise that "Sanskaar" alone is not enough for you to lead a life?

Here we reveal to you the things that Indian parents should start teaching their kids. Helping them to acquire necessary life skills and practical knowledge, as a parent, you can help them navigate through life effortlessly.

So, go ahead and read on to find out about the 'actual' things that parents can teach their kids!

Things That Need To Be Banned In India

Teach Them To Pay Their Taxes!

They need to learn how to file their taxes so that they would not have to panic at the last moment and wait up to July 31st every year. Neither the parents or schools generally prepare their kids for a tax-ridden future. This is the reason why most of us end up paying the CAs to do a pretty simple job.

Kitchen Work Is For All

As a parent, they need to teach their kids that both boys and girls need to see the kitchen as a regular working space. This is important as a lot of privileged families don't think of training their kids in household chores, and this is because they believe it is not essential for their growth.

Eventually, they need to understand how important it is to manage their house, as much as a part of being independent or earning money.

Sex Education Is Important!

Educating kids about sex is essential, instead of waiting for them to find out from their friends or school. Kids, in general, learn about sex by either watching porn or from their friends. This is something that is harmful because they do not learn about the basic ethics of consent, contraception, and other important aspects of sex.

Teaching Them The Importance Of Savings

Educating the kids about the importance of savings and investments from a young age is much needed. Various forms of investments and saving options are the things that all kids need to learn.

Teaching Them Self-defence

Instead of showing your kid why they shouldn't wear short skirts or go out late in the night, training them self-defence is vital so that they can protect themselves. Also, teaching them to defend themselves can help them gain confidence.

This Is The Black Magic Capital Of India

The Importance Of Assertiveness

Generally, kids in India are taught not to 'talk back' to their elders as they feel it is against their sanskaar, even if they feel they are wrong. Instead, the kids need to be taught how to be assertive and form opinions. This they need to learn to do, even if it means 'answering back' to elders in a polite way.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 12:31 [IST]
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