2018: Monthly Horoscope Of Each Zodiac Sign For January

By Shabana

Astrology is slowly getting recognition among the people all over the world.

It's the start of another New Year and all the Astro enthusiasts cannot wait to get their hands on their horoscopes. Well, you will get all you need right here. We present you with Daily, Monthly and Yearly horoscopes on our site for all the zodiac signs.
Here is our series of Monthly horoscope, where we will give you an in-depth analysis about the major changes happening to you in the first month of the year.

Here is your Monthly horoscope for January 2018.


The Planetary Positions:

The first day of the year began with a bright full moon in Cancer. This planetary alignment is a great way to start the New Year for most of the zodiac signs. Mercury will move into Capricorn from 11th January, which will help keep us secure financially.
January 16th will witness a new moon. This position is favourable for growth in careers and also to start any new business ventures. You are predicted to get your social connections stronger after mid January. The planet Venus will move into the zodiac house of Aquarius, which will somewhat give raise to our rebellious self.

The most important point to note in January this year is the occurrence of a total lunar eclipse on January 31th. This eclipse will help unleash your inner strength and bravery; and you are predicted to get many pending tasks completed during this time.
Read on to know more about the Monthly horoscopes of each zodiac sign, below.



The full Moon in the beginning of the month will be very auspicious for you at the professional front. Increase in respect is seen along with increase in power and responsibilities.

Make sure to keep your family and close friends closer to you, as it is also a good time for positive changes to occur in your domestic field. On January 11th, Mercury will enter Capricorn, which will let you put your entire focus on your career.

There will be a planetary alignment happening on January 15th - Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn - that will create a bond, which will let you reach great heights in your career.

Venus will move into Aquarius on January 17th, and you will tend to do a lot of things on the social front. On January 31th, the total lunar eclipse will tend to increase your creativity at work.

This eclipse will also affect your love life, as you will meet someone new and interesting.



This month will be very interesting for you, as the full moon at the start of the month will compel you to travel abroad. All your plans will finally see the light of the day when Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 11th.

During the great planetary alignment on January 15th, with Jupiter moving into Scorpio and Pluto moving into Capricorn, you may enter into business partnerships.

You are also predicted to pursue a new romantic relation during your travel to abroad. For people already in a relationship, this planetary alignment will just make your bond stronger. You are advised to plan an outing with your partner too.

Planet Venus will shift in to Aquarius on January 17th. This is a great time for you on the professional front, as you may receive a promotion. Unemployed people too will receive employment.

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For Gemini, the full moon at the start of the month signifies growth in terms of wealth. You are advised to take a hard look at your finances and try to pay off any impending debts.

Movement of Mercury into Capricorn on January 11th, will help you settle your finances and plan for the future. The planetary positions on January 15th is good for you to make some changes in your daily routine.

Signing up for a new class or simply getting involved in religious activities will help. During the second half of January, out-of-country travel is foreseen.
The total lunar eclipse on January 31th will activate your communication area, where it will be easier for you to keep your point across.

You are advised to pay a close attention to the body language of people, as it may provide you with information that may not be vocally revealed by the speaker.



This is a very good year for Cancerians, as the month has started with a full moon. This will help you reveal the secrets your friends or a close partner is holding. This full moon will also help you let out negative energy and reach your full potential.

The planetary alignments on January 15th predict a long-term partnership. This phase is very good for your love life, as you are about to meet someone new.

Venus will move into Aquarius, which will drive your emotions high. The lunar eclipse at the month end is a good time to retrospect your activities and deeds.



The full moon at the start of the year will help you tune up your instincts. You will be guided by your sixth sense at this time. You will also be on an emotional over-ride. The planetary positions of January 15th will let you concentrate on your domestic issues.

You are required to give importance to your domestic life and also create a perfect work-home balance. You are also predicted to succeed in your artistic endeavours. Venus will move in to Aquarius on January 17th, which will let all singles find themselves romantically involved with someone.

People already in a relationship may get serious with their partners. The total lunar eclipse at the end of the month will make you retrospect your life and learn from your past mistakes.

It is also a good time to release the negative energy in you and unleash the fiery Leo that you are.



The month started off with a full moon in Cancer. This planetary alignment means that you will find yourself in many new friendships and partnerships. You are also predicted to innovate in the field of technology due to the planetary alignment of January 11th.

On January 15th though, people in the artistic or writer's field, who were suffering from a road block, will shine. You may also receive recognition for your artistic work.

The dates of January 17th and 18th will be very good for you health wise. You will be at the pink of health. It is also an excellent time for new romances. The total lunar eclipse on January 31th will improve your sixth sense and intuition.

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The new moon in the start of the year will bring in good news for you at the professional front. You are required to chart out your professional goals carefully and plan accordingly.

The mid-month will let you see a growth in your monetary and domestic issues. You are advised to make investments on January 15th, as that time is very auspicious and you will gain immense benefits.

Also, buying and selling property is foreseen. On January 17th, individuals of this sign will embroil themselves in a new relationship.

The total lunar eclipse at the end of the month will make you socially active. You may also be on the lookout for a new friends' circle. Business partnerships are also foreseen around this time.



This month will be full of travel and adventure for fellow Scorpions. A long journey is predicted for you this month, which will be full of adventure. The mid-month planetary alignments will activate your communication area, where you will express yourself freely.

You are advised not to mince words and be direct in your approach. This will help you fulfil your wishes. On January 17th, the focus will shift on to your domestic life.

You are predicted to make a few changes in your domestic space too. The lunar eclipse on January 31st will see you getting into newer roles and responsibilities at the career front.



The new moon will be very different to Sagittarians, as your sign will be illuminated by the moon and you will see things more clearly now.

You will also uncover some hidden secrets. On January 15th, the focus will be move on your wealth. You are advised to pursue any religious work too around this time, which will benefit you immensely.

Your communication skills will improve, mostly by January 17th or 18th. It is a great time to get together with friends and take part in fun activities.

At the end of the month, doing something new will interest you, at both personal and professional fronts. You will enter into a new venture or take up a hobby, which will excite you.



The full moon of the New Year will unveil some facts about your relationship, which you were completely unaware of. You are advised not to take hasty decisions, as there may be more to the story.

The mid-month is a good time for you to start a new business venture or a project. You are also predicted to go on a journey with friends.

Your personal finances will get a bit better after January 17th. Keeping a close eye on your income and expenditure will ensure a smooth year ahead, financially.

It will also be better to keep your finances as separate from your spouse as possible.

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The full moon will see you breaking your normal routine at the start of the year and engage yourself in a new activity. The mid-month is a very good time professionally, as you plan to start a new business in the area of your interest.

Let your gut feeling tell you what is right or wrong, as it will never let you go ashtray. You will suddenly find yourself to be the centre of attention after the mid month.

Your words will be taken seriously and your ideas will highly be appreciated. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will bring in some important changes in your life.

This is also the time you will reach your highest potential. You are advised not to enter into partnerships though.



The full moon will let your creative juices flowing freely. You will gain recognition for your artistic pursuits. The mid month will see you travelling to far off places to connect with your friends.

You will also take part in group activities and enter into partnerships. The later part of the month will see an increase in your intuitive powers.

Towards the end of the month, you are required to focus on your health. Try pampering yourself and spend some "me" time. Your body will definitely thank you for it.

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