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Story Of The Burnt Victim Who Reconstructed Her Face

This is the case of a woman who had been burnt, but with the help of her willpower she recovered entirely and stunned the world.

A story of burnt victim Dana shook the world, and now she has become an Internet sensation after she removed the burn mask that she had been wearing for years.

The attackers had brutally spoilt her face, and they had left her in an unrecognisable stand.

Check out her story as it is only because of her willpower that she is where she stands now.


The Attacker Was A Jealous Woman

The attacker was a woman who attacked Dana when she grew jealous after she learnt that Dana had been talking to her estranged husband. This was at a party that was held on New Year's Eve.


She Harassed Her For Spoiling Her Life

Since then Dana was harassed through numerous provocative phone calls. The attacker, on the other end, even mentioned that she would ruin her pretty face.


She Was Set On Fire

Natalie Dimitovska was the attacker who was jealous to the core. According to reports, Natalie broke into Dana's apartment and set her ablaze. She used methylated spirit and was under the influence of drugs.


She Suffered 64 Per Cent Burns

In this bizarre incident, Dana was left seriously injured as she suffered 64 per cent burns. The injuries were so grievous that even her mother said that she could not recognise her own daughter.


She Had To Wear A Mask For 30 Months!

According to reports, doctors recommended that she wear a mask for 30 months as it would help her in her extensive healing process. She had to wear this mask to be around in public. While she was wearing the mask in public, she felt she was not able to preserve her identity. During this recovery period, a doctor told her that she had cervical cancer. She was a strong woman who was determined to recover and didn't let cancer come in the way of her journey. She underwent the much-needed treatment and got rid of the cancerous cells as well.


The Mask Haunted Her

Though she was fighting her battle of recovering and healing, Dana always felt that her mask was hiding her face from the world. She thought it made her feel like a faceless nothing. This was until she finally decided to reveal her face on a TV show where people were curious to look at her successful recovery.


She Wanted People To Know Her Real Story

As she appeared on the TV show, she wanted the world to know her story and look beyond her face. She wanted everyone to learn about the hardships that she had gone through while fighting her battle with difficulty. She revealed to them about her determination to recover and also about her willpower and courage to face the hurdles coming her way.


She Even Did A Catwalk

After her story had gone viral, she was chosen to do a ramp walk, and during the interview, she did tell that she was always a healthy person and the accident made her even a stronger and better person.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 8, 2018, 11:14 [IST]
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