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Body Parts Which Reveal A Lot About Your Inner Self

We often hear that looks can be deceiving but what happens when body parts reveal a lot about our personalities.

While some studies suggest that genetics can determine a lot of things about our future predictions. It can also reveal the way we see the world through our genes.

Here, in this article, we reveal you details about the different body parts of our body reveal a lot about our personality.

Check out what do the different body parts mean.


The Nose Shape

The studies revealed that the nose shape of humans plays a vital role in determining their characteristics.

If the individual's nose is long then the person is very ambitious in both their professional and personal lives. These individuals are very hardworking and are often compared to be perfectionists.

If the individual's nose is shorter, then the person is said to be very sensitive and loyal individual. These individuals value feelings more than anything in this world.

If the individual's nose is pointy, then they are good at making great financial advice.

On the other hand, individuals with big nostrils are considered to spend money rather than save it.

While individuals with small nostrils are believed to have a strong commitment to personal relationships and family issues.


Shape Of The Face

According to the study it was found that individuals who have a long face are known to be highly intelligent individuals.

Individuals who have broad faces are more likely to be prejudiced, emotionless, and are believed to become very successful in life.

On the other hand, individuals with a narrow facial structure are believed to have an emotional quotient.

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The Eye Colour

Individuals who have big brown eyes are believed to be natural born leaders. These individuals are highly intelligent.

Individuals who have extremely dark brown eyes are considered to be introverts. They are mysterious and secretive as well.

While on the other hand, individuals with light blue eyes are considered to be very competitive, and people with darker blue eyes possess a lot of physical strength.

Apart from this, individuals who have darker eyes are considered to be introverts and mysterious.

Individuals who have lighter eye colour shade are believed to be more outgoing and social as well.

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The Lip Shape

What Does The Shape Of Your Lips Reveal

Individuals whose lips shape is medium, then you have no exaggerated features that tend to be independent in their relationships. They appreciate affection, but at the same time, they dislike drama.

Individuals who have larger lips tend to be very caring toward others. They are often seen putting others needs first.

Individuals who have full lips are considered to be very generous, and they are outgoing.

Individuals who have thin lips are known to be more competitive and loners. These individuals are identified to be alone rather than spending time with other people.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 12:09 [IST]
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