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Unusual Habits Of Famous People

Most of us have some or the other weird habit, and this is something that can be either disgusting or bizarre to the rest, while we think it to be normal.

Learning about the most bizarre habits of people is quite interesting. What do you think is the weird obsession your favourite personality has?

Well, here in this article we are revealing about some of the most bizarre and weird habits of some famous individuals.

Check them out.


Benjamin Franklin

He is believed to have taken "cold air baths" every morning for 1-2 hours every day as he would strip down and open all the windows of his home and hang out in his birthday suit.


Megan Fox

She does not like to flush after she takes a dump and this is something that disgusts her loved ones and we are sure many hearts would have broken after reading this about her!

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Shah Rukh Khan

He is so obsessed with his footwear that he has admitted to taking off his shoes only before bed-time. At times, he even sleeps with his shoes on!


Cameron Díaz

Reports claim that she is so afraid of bacteria that she is always seen opening the doors in public places with her elbows.

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Sunny Leone

She has an unusual habit of washing her feet a couple of times. She can't resist doing this, and she is often seen leaving her shooting sets every 15 minutes as she is seen spending the time to clean her feet.

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