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Most Dangerous Zodiac Combinations That May Destroy You!

By Shibu Purushothaman

Universe and stars play a major role in likes, dislikes, behaviour and dating profile of a person. Zodiac sign is one among the most important elements that can take a toll on one's personality, where a person may end up loving or fighting with another person for no reason at all.

There are many people who don't believe in astrology, but general characteristics mentioned about Zodiac signs generally turn out to be true.

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Recently, a complete detail about Zodiac combinations that can prove to be too dangerous for each other was compiled. So, here we mention to you some of the hazardous zodiac sign combinations that may be disastrous. (In every sense of the word!)


1. Aries And Cancer

A combination of Aries and Cancer can always lead to dissatisfaction or clashes between the two. An Aries and Cancer can never work together, as they do not agree with each other's decision. On the whole, Cancer proves to be more sensitive than the dominating Aries. They form to be the worst couple ever!

2. Taurus And Aquarius

Individuals belonging to Taurus and Aquarius are known to have a straightforward and dominating nature. When it comes to love affairs, a Taurus and Aquarius can never work together due to leading (dominating) behaviour. They have a hard time tolerating each other and end up getting into a quarrel every time.

3. Scorpio And Aries

Aries being a water sign and Scorpio being a fire sign are similar in their personality traits. They are competitive in behaviour and also they are known for being a short-tempered person. A relationship between Scorpio and Aries cannot go for a longer period of time.

4. Leo And Scorpio

People belonging to Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs show off a very strong personality, which makes them dominant by nature. They are super dramatic and also love to give instructions to others. They both follow a particular behaviour, which says unwillingness to compromise. When a Leo and Scorpio come together, they fail to work with each other in peace and harmony.

5. Sagittarius And Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo do not make good memories if they are dating each other. Sagittarius is super ambitious, while Virgo follows a typical trail of being cool and calm at the toughest situation. Virgo loves stability, while Sagittarius prefers taking a lot of risks. They both can prove to be dangerous to each other.

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6. Cancer And Libra

Cancer is always looking for mental connection, while Libra is the one who is always looking for an emotional connection. When it comes to understanding, Cancer and Libra can never understand each other and hence they may end up fighting with each other every other time. They fail to trust one another and hence it is always good to stay away.

7. Leo And Virgo

Leo and Virgo, both are known to have rational thinking, which makes them difficult to stay with each other. Both these zodiac signs fail to understand each other and also lack in emotional attachment. If Leo tries to dominate Virgo, they may end up getting into a fight. Also, if Virgo tries to boss Leo, it leads to a major conflict. Due to no mental or emotional attachment with each other, a Leo and Virgo can never work together.

These were the most deadliest Zodiac combinations who should prevent dating each other. Here we've mentioned a few others:

  • Libra And Taurus
  • Aquarius And Cancer
  • Pisces And Leo
  • Gemini And Capricorn
  • Virgo And Gemini
  • Leo And Aquarius
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