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Your Daily Horoscope For 10th November 2017

By Shabana

Astrology is a very powerful science, which can predict your future. After all, who doesn't like to know what their future holds for them, right? 

Your Daily Horoscope For 10th November 2017

That is exactly why we have the Elite Astrologers on board for you to predict your day ahead. Your daily horoscope will tell you what exactly lies in store for you according to your Moon sign.
So, continue reading to know about what your daily horoscope has to predict.


Great success in all your political endeavours is predicted for today. You will profit greatly by listening to the advice of an elderly person. The success of little ones in your family will be the reason for your pride today. Applying a tilak of saffron is advised for attracting good luck.


Some ups and downs are predicted in your work life today. For people who are in a relationship, there are high chances of success. Meeting with an old friend or relative may prove to be fruitful.


No health issues predicted for your moon sign today. Any old issue or problem will be sorted out. Look out for an old enemy who may surface suddenly and create problems for you. Offering a ‘bel patra' to Lord Shiva will help you combat this issue.


Your friends and family are said to come to your rescue today. This is a very good phase for you where you will be blessed with financial gains. Keep a ‘Dakshinavarthi Shank' or a conch shell filled with water and sprinkle some onto yourself and around your residence. This will ensure future financial gains.


Success is predicted in your social life. Travel is predicted and also buying of a new vehicle. This vehicle will prove to be lucky for you. After attaining the vehicle, make sure to conduct a pooja according to the customs and traditions.


Do not carry forward an argument which takes place in your place of work today, or else it might escalate into something big. Be alert towards the health of your mother today.


Argument with elders at home is in the cards for today. Work life will be good. There are chances of your income increasing only if you take control of your expenses.


Your business partner might cheat on you today. Otherwise, business will be fruitful. If you get an opportunity to start a new venture, be careful before committing to anything and go through all the terms and conditions.

It is advised to apply a tilak of saffron on your navel to attract good luck.


You will get the support from your family members today. Any travel that you may undertake today will prove to be successful. Support from your old friend will help you accomplish a task, which is pending from a long time.


Success is predicted for you today. Your travel might turn fruitful. Also, increase in income sources is predicted. Some health issues might bother you today, so be aware. Offer a brinjal to Lord Shani to drive away negative energies and bring in good luck.


Carefully planned new business venture will give you good returns. Give a lot of thought before agreeing to anything new. It is advised to take decision from some elderly person regarding this.


A good day ahead is predicted. You will receive support from a partner. You will tend to feel tired throughout the day. Restlessness of the mind will also ensue. Visiting temple and offering prayers to the Brahmin God will ease your problems.

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    Story first published: Friday, November 10, 2017, 7:01 [IST]
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