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Daily Horoscope: 25 December 2017

By Shabana

India is a land of numerous beliefs and traditions, which are often overlooked by today's generation shunning them for being useless and fake. But a lot of these traditions stem from the scientific facts that our older generation possessed and used it as a way to rectifying things in nature.

The traditions of our vedic culture has strong roots behind it and today even westerners are travelling to our country seeking to gain this knowledge. This is the strength of your vedic science.

Daily Horoscope: 25 December 2017

Vedic astrology is a also one important part of science which deals which predicting our future by observing the movements of the celestial bodies.
Here is your Daily horoscope for December 25th 2017- Read on to know about what is in store for you today


Your work life will pick up speed. All your plans will see the light of the day. Increase in wealth is foreseen. You will able conduct your work smoothly.


An old seemingly resolved health issue will probably crop back up today, which might also make you hospitalized. You will be inclined towards studies or any religious pursuits today. You are also predicted to go to court for some legal issues.


You are advised to avoid any task with a risk factor today as those will be a loss for you. You will have a fear towards Machinery and fire. You are also expected to receive less profit today.


Your enemies will fear you and steer clear of your way today. You will also get the support of your spouse. Financial issues are predicted to get better for you.


Today is a good day to venture into a new business. The unemployed will receive employment today. Our economy will improve. Overall, good times have arrived for you.


You are advised to walk to the path which leads to your goal with determination as you are expected to achieve them. You will come across various culinary treats today.

You are advised to exercise extreme precaution while travelling as accidents are foreseen.


You will not receive expected wealth even after working hard for it. You are advised to watch your words. You may not come across a lot of chances of gaining wealth today.


Do not take decisions in haste as things might not work in favour for you. You are advised to watch your words. Legal matters might see some roadblocks. You will not receive all the fruit of your hard work.


You are expected to meet an old relative or friend who will bring gifts for you. It will be a good day for you since your enemies will try to harm you but will fail in their endeavour.


You are predicted to pass in examinations. Today is a good day to undertake any travel relating to higher education. Travels towards east direction will especially be beneficial for you.


You are expected to suffer a bad loss due to bad company, so it is advised to make friends carefully. You are also advised to take care of your speech. You may experience some tensions too.


Your travels will be successful today. Matters relating to employment and Speculation will be beneficial. You are expected to recover some bad debts.

Doing any task with a lot of thought will earn good rewards. Offering 5 laddoos to Lord Vishnu will ensure a good and fruitful day.

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