Daily Horoscope: 17th December 2017

By Shabana kachhi
17 December Horoscope | 17 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

It is the wedding season. Every one of us is always on the quest to find the right partner isn't it? We feel a connect with people who share our likes and dislikes. Did you know that astrology can help you find a partner who will be 100% compatible with you?

Our zodiac signs have pairs with other zodiac signs to make compatible partners. All the twelve zodiac signs come under the four elements- Air, water, earth and fire. Find out if your partner's zodiac sign is compatible with yours.

Aries- Gemini, Taurus- cancer, Gemini- Leo, Cancer- Virgo, Leo- Libra, Virgo- Pisces. Libra- Aquarius, Scorpio- Capricorn, Sagittarius- Aries, Capricorn- Taurus, Aquarius- Sagittarius, Pisces- Scorpio.

Here is your daily horoscope for December 17th 2017.



You will be inclined towards studies today. Any work related to studies will bring in profits for you. You are predicted to earn profits in the business field too. Over all, it will be a good day. However, difficulties in love life are foreseen. You are advised to feed the visually challenged to overcome all difficulties.



Increase in sources of your income is predicted for you today through the help of your friend. You will gain positively in the field of education. Make sure not to enter into any argument with your friend or lover as today is not favourable for it. You will experience mental stress. Laziness might take over you today.



You will be irritated and stressed due to increasing expenses. Your day is predicted to be hectic. It is advised exercise control over your anger and ego. Try to understand your partner's emotions today.



You will have peace of mind today. You will achieve greater heights in your work life. Your economy will improve. However, you are predicted to lose some wealth due to boasting and exaggeration. Chances of an outing with your life partner are on the cards for you.



You are predicted to gain in your work field due to help from a friend. Increase in income is also predicted. Chances of gaining sudden wealth are high as it is a good day to invest in the share market.



You will have peace of mind along with self confidence. You will gain positively by spending time with your brothers. It is a good day to gain wealth through inheritance today. However, stomach ailments may trouble you.



Your responsibilities towards your family will increase. Also you are predicted to go on a religious journey with them. Sudden expenses may trouble you. Headache may be prevalent for the major part of the day. Gift an item to a young girl below 10 years of age to drive away your worries.



You will be in need of some self-control today. Arguments with spouse are predicted. You are advised to concentrate on studies as neglecting them will incur losses. Health issues relating to mouth will be prevalent today. Tension in family ties is also predicted for you.



Laziness is predicted to take over you today. You might face losses in your domestic work due to a loan. Difficulties and expenses will form the major part of your day. You will have to work extremely hard today to achieve success.



You will have peace of mind today. You are predicted to embark on a journey with your family. Matters relating to employment and speculations will be successful. Do not force any issue on your partner today as it might prove to be negative for you. Arguments in work front are predicted. You may be surrounded with sudden troubles.



People in your administration will be in your favour today. Increase in income is predicted. You may be worried over certain issues in the family. However, your hard work will finally pay off.



Your family life is expected to be peaceful. Health wise too, it is a good day for you. Any journey that you plan to undertake will be peaceful and successful. It is good day to put forward a love proposal as there are higher chances of it getting accepted today. However, joint pains may trouble you in the latter part of today.

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