Daily Horoscope: 15th December 2017

By Shabana kachhi
15 December Horoscope | 15 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Are you planning to start a new business and want to know if the time is right for you? Are you waiting for your next promotion and salary rise? Your daily horoscope will give you answers to all your queries.

Astrology is very powerful science. It is an ancient knowledge which studies the movement of the celestial bodies and the impact they have in our lives. Astrologers study the movement of planets in our zodiac and are able to predict the future. Be it a raise, or a promotion, everything is predicted by our stars.

Here is your daily horoscope for 15th December 2017.



You are advised not to undertake matters with a risk factor, as you may receive bad news. The day will be quite hectic for you and also there are less of chances of earning profits.



You will finally be rewarded with sweet success today. However, you might have to work hard in your field of employment or business.



Your enemies are predicted to remain dormant today. You will receive exciting news. Do not be a part of any arguments as it might work against you.



Buying of new clothes is predicted for you today. All your travel endeavours will be positive and successful. If unemployed, employment is on the cards. You are advised to take care of a very valuable item that you hold dear.



Unnecessary expenses might trouble you today. Do not depend on others or expect their help. Matters concerning health might need your attention. Do not hesitate to make a donation if you come across an opportunity, as it might prove to be fruitful for you.



The unemployed will receive employment today. You are also predicted to recover some wealth. Matters relating to speculations and employment would need extra attention.



All of your plans and ideas will come to life today. Changes in your work place are predicted. Increase in Respect and recognition is seen. Your economy will be stable.



You will be inclined towards religion. Success in love life is also predicted for you. You will finally be relieved of any impending arguments in the court. Health will need your attention today.



Your health will be a cause of concern today. Buying of any new machine should be avoided as chances of accidents are foreseen. You are advised to take extra care of your belongings.



All talks relating to marriage will be successful. It is advised to take care of your speech. Any issues in political field will be resolved. Bliss in marital life is predicted.



You are highly advised to donate some of your wealth to the less fortunate as you will be blessed with luck. Doors to success will be wide open for you today. Overall, a good day is predicted for you.



You will receive success in artistic pursuits. Chances of gaining sudden wealth are riding high and you will be able to sustain this wealth for longer. You are advised to receive the blessings of your parents before embarking on a journey to ensure success.

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