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WTF!! He Injected Himself With Oil!

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Loving our skin is something really difficult. Most of us are not satisfied with the way we look or how our body is. Exercising and maintaining a healthy body is not an easy task. But what happens when this interest becomes an obsession?

This is what happened to a bodybuilder who decided to inject himself with oils in his muscles. He did this even when he knew that it could possibly kill him!

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Check out this disturbing story of Valdir Segato, a 48-year-old man, who decided to inject himself with oils, so that his muscles would get bigger!

Find out how...


He Was Bullied For Being Skinny

His journey was not an easy one, as he was bullied for being very skinny. One of the reasons for his weight loss was due to his drug addiction! He said, "I started to look skinny and people started giving me nicknames like ‘Skinny Dog' and ‘Little Skull', and so I decided to change my life."


He Decided To Hit The Gym

Since he was bullied, he decided to go to a gym, but was not satisfied with the results, hence chose the unusual trick of injecting himself with oils and alcohol mix.


He Decided To Acquire A Muscular Physique

He decided to acquire a muscular physique and was keen on getting it at any cost, hence he injected oil into his muscles for a hulk size, even when he knew the fact that it could kill him.


He Used A Bizarre Trick

He used the method of injecting oil and alcohol mix in his muscles. This is one of the least known methods and is extremely painful as well as dangerous.

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He Injects Synthol Oil

Synthol is the oil that he has been injecting into his muscles, since the past 5 years. As a result, he has gained about 55 pounds; and the size of his biceps has doubled to 23 inches!


Side-effects Of This Oil…

Doctors claim that it is extremely dangerous and it can result in Kidney failure. Moreover, it doesn't increase strength. Due to this, he is a single man even now, as girls are scared of his unusual appearance.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 9:38 [IST]
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