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Why Do A Few Cows Have Giant Holes?

Farmers these days in the US and Switzerland have come up with some of the most weirdest concepts to improve their farming methods.

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They are digging holes in the stomach of the cows, which is known as a fistula or a cannula. Though at first glance it looks life-threatening, it is claimed not to be.

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Check out on the reasons as to why the farmers are coming up with this unique concept of making holes that they monitor from time to time.


It Is Done To Check The Nutrition...

According to the reports, the hole is put there on purpose, so that the scientists can study the digestive system of the cow. This is an invasive technique to check the cow's nutrition.


The Cannulas Are Fixed In Their Sides

There are 8-inch cannulas that are fixed on either of the sides of the cow and according to the reports, this new-age method for farming is said to be an amazing one!


The Cannulas Reveal...

The cannulas are said to end up in the digestive track of the cows and it allows the farmers to examine it in order to see how the animal is processing food. The fistulas come with rubber plugs at the end and these can be shut closed when the farmers are done with the examining.


It Is Used As An Experiment…

According to research, there are different varieties of oats and other crops that are being tested in the digestive track of the cows. Research is done on how well the cow can process the crops, as this would help in better understanding of the digestive system of the cow.


This Concept Was Tried Back In The 1920 As Well!

Reports claim that this concept is not something new or out of the box. It was even tried back in the 1920 as well. The cannula is inserted surgically, after which the cow is given a rest period to recover from the procedure. Later, the cow can be put under examination for testing of various crops.


This Technique Is Improving Cattle Raising

The reports claim that there are healthier varieties of crops that can be beneficial for cows. This way, it helps to raise a better batch of cattle.


These Cows Have A Longer Lifespan!

It is said that the fistulated cows also have a longer lifespan. The cattle which have cannulas in them tend to live a longer life due to the care that is given to them. This practice of making giant holes in the cows is spreading across the globe after the research has been successful.

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