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Vaastu Tips For 2018 That Can Open Good-luck Doors For You

From placing the bed in the right position to having the painting stuck on the right wall, all these vaastu moves do play a vital role in deciding the luck factor of a person.

In the coming year 2018, all that you need to do is follow some of these best known tricks on vaastu that can help you open the doors of good luck.

These tips are way too easy to follow and one does not have to wait until the year begins as well and can make these changes by today.

So, check them out...


Keep The Cash Box In The South!

All that you need to do is, keep the cash box/the almirah in a position where the door opens towards the North direction and the rare resting of it is in the south direction. This is because North is the direction of Lord Kuber who is also considered as the Lord of wealth.


A Mirror In Your Wallet

According to vaastu, mirror is considered to be a very powerful vaastu tool. It is said that it helps to double up the energies. If you start carrying a mirror in your wallet, you will soon start seeing a growth in your finances.


The North-east Direction Should Not Be A Dumping Zone!

Avoid keeping dustbin and other waste materials on the north-east corner of the house. On the other hand, if you have a graveyard or a very high-rised building in this direction, then you need to place a Tulsi plant there to stop negative energy from impacting your financial growth. This is mainly because this direction is a divine direction and must not receive any negative energy.


Avoid Heavy Objects In The Centre

According to vaastu, the centre of the house or any area is known as the Brahmasthan. All that you need to do is remove heavy machinery if placed in that point of your house. It is said that it can have a severe impact on your business profits as well.


A Mini Fountain/Aquarium In The Northeast Direction

Keep a mini aquarium in the north-east direction, as it will ensure the flow of water. This is done to increase the flow of cash and to also avoid financial hurdles.

So, start following these tips from today to bring in more luck the coming year, 2018. If you know of other vaastu tips, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 21, 2017, 11:31 [IST]
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