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Productive Things You Can Do While Sitting On The Toilet

When we go to the washroom, the first thought we get is to relieve ourselves. In this process, we think about various things apart from doing the regular business.

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If you confused as to what we are discussing in this piece of article, then it's all about the productive things that you can do while sitting on the toilet seat.

FYI, there are many things you can do while you are sitting on the toilet. And we are here to just prove that!

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Though this sounds strange, you would be convinced, as these are the things that we do almost every day. So, check out the list below and have a hearty laugh!


Read A Book

This is one of the simplest and the most productive things that one can do while sitting on the toilet seat. Be it a magazine or a novel, just grab it and read along while you relieve yourself.


Plan Your Day Or Week

While you're sitting on the toilet seat, try to plan on what you are going to do for the whole day. We bet many thoughts will go through your mind. If not this, then you can make a list of what you are supposed to be doing for the whole week!


Check E-mails

The first thing that most workaholics do is to check their e-mails and what better way to save time than checking it while you're on your toilet seat? Time saverright!


Solve Puzzles

Reading books is not the only thing you should be doing while on a toilet seat, try to solve crossword puzzles and we bet, you would spend quite sometime doing this!


Listen To Podcasts

Put your headphones on and pick your podcast. If you do not have any headphones, just make sure you play the music with loud speakers on!


Update Your Apps

Take your phone along to the washroom and check for apps that need to be updated! We betthis would definitely take some time!

Let us know about the things that you would do while sitting on a toilet seat, you could leave your comments below!

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