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10 Toxic Emotions That Will Spoil Your Life

Getting emotional is human. But, how you deal with it or express it defines your character and personality. Emotions are difficult to be classified as good or bad. This probably depends on the situation. Keeping a balance is difficult, but worth trying. Being happy and cheerful is what we all love. But, do you know that there are some toxic emotions that will spoil your life?

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In order to stay happy and relaxed, you have to identify and spot what is wrong with your emotions. Knowing the toxic emotions that will spoil your life will help you to check whether you are experiencing them. Many of them are very common and we experience them almost every day. These will pull you down and keep you away from the outer word. If you find yourself a victim, take immediate steps to manage them or change the way how you express them.

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Here we will discuss some of the common emotions that will spoil your life. Take some time to review your emotions. Focus on the positive ones and work on the negative ones.



Nothing can beat anger in being the worst one among the toxic emotions that will spoil your life. Your response to anger is very important to determine your peace of mind.



Jealousy will never let you lead a happy life. This comes out generally from a feeling that you are not worthy. Be yourself and stop comparing yourself with others.



This occurs usually from a fear of insecurity. This will take you to a level of depression, if not managed properly. This will lead to lack of confidence, fear and sleeplessness.



Fear can come with a reason or without any. Without finding out the root cause of your fear, you will not be able to face or overcome it. Check whether you are scared of doing anything that you want to try.



There can be instances where you will feel grief naturally. But, if you note that you are experiencing this emotion more often without any particular reason, be warned!



Depression is usually an after-effect of one or more emotions that will take your thoughts away from reality. If not managed in the beginning stage, this may need expert treatment.



Feeling guilty for the right reason is always acceptable. But, if it turns as one of the toxic emotions that will spoil your life, then it will need special attention.



If you feel that you cannot stay happy when you see the success of others, you are one of the victims of this emotion. Respecting yourself is the best thing that you can do to solve this. If you cannot stand the success of people you don't even know, then you need to get yourself treated.



A feeling of discomfort and regret is the reflection of the anguish in you. This will affect your personality and way of thinking in a very bad way.



The degree of this emotion defines whether you are normal or not. Feeling ashamed for no reason may make you an introvert that will affect your personal, professional and social life.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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