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Teacher Takes Intimate Pictures With Student & Posts Them Online!

Most of the cases of sexual abuse these days are either live-streamed or even shared on people's social networking sites.

With everybody being active on social networking sites, people are unaware of the consequences of the things that they post online.

One such disgusting case is of an Indian teacher who is making us scream WTF!! He has posted pictures of himself in obscene positions with his students.

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Check out the disgusting case of the Indian teacher who has shared intimate pictures of himself with his students!


Where Did It Happen?

This bizarre incident took place in the small town of Katlicherra in Assam, and the teacher is said to be working for Model High School. Apparently, the teacher had a photoshoot with his students and posted the pictures on his social site!


The Pictures Have Gone Viral

The pictures of the man hugging and almost kissing different young girls, as he poses for the camera, have gone viral. A lot of criticism and slack about the pictures has happened after the pictures went viral and it has been reported by many.


He Is A Serial Offender…

It is stated that the teacher was beaten by a mob after getting caught molesting a woman, in an earlier case, and in order to teach him a lesson, his finger was even cut! This makes us even more furious!


Where Is The System Heading To?

This disgusting incident raises a serious question on the school authorities. It makes us wonder as to why are people even hired without having a proper background check. Teachers are those who help to shape innocent lives of children and if this is the case, we wonder where is the system even heading to!

In The Mean Time…

The world is furious and the people are waiting to get the man punished.

What do you think? Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

All Images Source: Reuters

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