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Superstitions That People Follow Around The World

Superstition is something that is tagged along with the Indians, as there are so many things that Indians believe in.

People across the globe believe that most of the Indians are very superstitious in nature, but that is not the fact, as there are certain places across the world where people blindly follow certain superstitious beliefs!

From China to Israel, there are so many countries where some of the superstitions are followed religiously.

Well, all these superstitions from around the world make us realise one thing that this does not HAPPEN ONLY IN INDIA, but all over the world!

Check them out...


The Koreans Believe…

In Korea, people believe a superstition about pregnant women. The belief emphasizes that when the woman eats an asymmetrical food during pregnancy, it can result in ugly babies! Sounds weird, right?


The Japanese Believe…

The Japanese believe that even though your life might not have any direction, the deceased do! According to the belief, the dead are made to rest towards the North direction and it is considered to be bad luck if you sleep with your head in that direction.

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The Russians Believe…

This is a strong belief of Russia, where a bird pooping on you has its own significance! They believe that it's just a preview of wealth showering on you. So, do not fret the next time a bird poops on you!


The Turkish Believe…

This is one of the weirdest beliefs that one can ever imagine of. People here believe that if you chew gum at night, then it is considered to be equivalent to chewing dead rotting flesh!


The Portuguese Believe…

According to the Portuguese, it is believed that if you walk backwards, it means that you are showing the devil your path. Okay, we leave you to imagine as to how this superstition even came into belief!


The Russians Believe…

Both the Hungarians and Russians believe that sitting at a corner table for dinner lowers your chances of getting married. We wonder how this can even be linked! Strange, right? But this superstition still exists!


The French Believe…

In France, it is believed that dog poop is used to determine your fortune. If you step your left foot on it, then you are considered to be lucky and if you stamp your right foot, then apparently it opens door to bad luck.

Don't you think these countries believe in some of the dumbest beliefs as well? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, November 20, 2017, 18:10 [IST]
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