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The Girl Who Was Tricked Into Prostitution

This is a true story of an Indian woman who was forced into prostitution, after she was tricked about getting a job. Read on to find about the struggle and pain she has been through ever since.

This is the story of Tina who was just 15 years old when she ran away from her home to only face the harsh reality of humans in the outside world.

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Check out on how she was fooled by a man and she was sold in the flesh trade business! And the struggle that she is going through is surely heart breaking.

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Find out more about this heart-wrenching story.


She Was 15 Years Old Only…

She was not interested in studying and wished to play with her dolls and neighbours. Her grades were never good and one a fine day, her mother thrashed her for not completing her work. Little Tina decided to fled from the house to have a life on her own terms.


She Travelled To A Different City…

With the little pocket money she had, she travelled to a different city and lived on pavements and roadsides. Until one fine day, a Police officer decided to help her out.


His Intentions Were Not Good...

He took her to the station and pretended to help her. His intentions were not good and he raped her in a cell for an entire night. She got pregnant even.


She Fled…

She was just 15 years and was pregnant by the man who was supposed to protect and save her. She delivered a baby girl and started living at temple gates, as this was the place she was most comfortable in and felt secure.


She Got A Job...

One of the regular members of the temple offered her help and promised to get her a job in his sister's house in a town that was closer to the temple. She decided to go along with him, as she used to see him regularly in the temple and there was a sense of trust she had on him.


He Sold Her…

He sold her for a mere 1 lakh rupees in the red-light area. She realised it when he left the place to never return again and there were several beasts around looking at her with disgusting looks.


She Was Forced To Make Love…

From that very day, she has been raped every single time. If she denied, she was drugged and was forced to make love. She is down with STD and is HIV positive and yet continues to sleep with men.


She Is Taking A Revenge In The Worst Way Possible

For all the wrong that has happened to her and how she was forced into getting involved into this flesh trade, she swore to take a revenge from men, as she fakes about her medical condition and still sleeps with men, despite being HIV positive.

What do you think, is she doing the right thing? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, March 27, 2017, 17:44 [IST]
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