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Shady Things Each Zodiac Sign Has Definitely Done

Sometimes people do things that are "SHADY." Be it either sneaking out of a party early or lying to your friends about having a day alone for WHO KNOWS WHAT, everyone has a thing that makes his friends wonder about his shady sides.

But do you realise that there are certain shady traits that each zodiac sign has? Does it make you rethink everything about your friends?

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Check out how shady characteristics can be defined based on zodiac signs...



Aries are usually known to keep things real all the time, but they are unknown to others. They can be CRAZY. If they are upset or annoyed with a friend, then they have no mercy when it comes to criticising them. They are known to say mean things behind their back while maintaining a friendly front.

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They love to gossip. They like to talk about others' problems a little more than they'd like to admit. When it comes to keeping secrets, they are not the best at sticking to their words. Even though they promise to ‘NEVER' reveal things, they will slip a few juicy titbits sooner or later.


They are the type of people who ghost after a date, which means that instead of just telling the person that they are not interested, they will ignore their texts altogether. They do not try to be mean, they just hate confrontations.


These guys are great at Facebook stalking. Even though it's slightly creepy, it is also impressive. They can dig out the juiciest of details about other people just by going through their Facebook profiles. They are a total pro when it comes to finding dirt on other people.


They love to brag about everything. They will talk about something in their life that is actually GREAT but make it seem like it's terrible. They can't help but fake a little modesty every once in a while.


They seem to be totally innocent, but even they do a few shady things, like being super secretive, and they never let their friends know what they are up to. No one ever knows what they are hiding. Everyone definitely wonders what a Virgo is up to....


They have a large social circle and are great at socialising. With so many friends, they are known to be completely flaky when it comes to making plans. So trusting with plans is a big no no!


They never let go of their grudges. Even when they say they forgive others, they hold on to anger for YEARS. And they will be so shady around the person they claim to have forgiven. Even though they put up a smile when they are around the person they dislike.


When they date, they talk to more than one person at a time. They know it's shady, but they have a hard time committing to just one person, as they see multiple people at the same time. Most of their dates are clueless about what they are doing, but they will eventually get honest when the time is right.


Capricorn can be downright manipulative. When it comes to getting their way, they will say literally anything. They also have a controlling personality, so they know on how to be extra pushy when it comes to getting what they want.


They never stick to what they say. They are very fickle and often change their mind about everything. They do not try to be fake; it is just that they change their mind easily.


They act like a total martyr. They play the innocent victim and always blame other people around them. Sometimes, they are totally right to blame someone else, but they are not always innocent and they pity themselves way too much.

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    Story first published: Sunday, July 30, 2017, 12:10 [IST]
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