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Mind Blowing Facts About Hymen & Virginity

Most of the things that we know about the hymen may not be true. It can be about the myths that have been passed on since generations.

Here are some of the hymen facts that you should know about. These are the facts that will clear the picture about hymen and its related doubts!

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This article is all about hymen facts and virginity alone! For example, did you know the fact that the hymen does not actually break? Or that your virginity is not based on the presence of hymen alone?

Well, find out more about such interesting, mind-blowing facts on hymen and virginity.


Hymen Does Not Break!

Did you know that hymen does not break? It is something that stretches. The hymen keeps stretching over time. It's not a bubble that pops and disappears into nothingness!


It Is A Piece Of Tissue!

It is a thin piece of tissue that is attached to the vaginal wall. Generally, it looks like a fringe of tissue that is around the vaginal opening.


Hymen’s Appearance Changes…

Did you know that while giving birth vaginally, there are changes that can be seen in the hymen's appearance. It becomes smooth or it stretches out more. It also makes it less visible.


Its Location

The hymen is located 1-2 cm inside the vaginal opening, It is not very deep inside the vagina.

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Newborn Hymens Are Thick...

Newborn hymens are said to be more prominent and thick. But after a while, most of the hymenal tissues tend to become thin and the opening widens.


Hymen Looks Different

Every woman's hymen looks different. It differs in size, colour, and even shape! In a few cases, it resembles the petal of a rose, or a carnation, or even like a half moon!


An Intact Hymen Can Still Make You Get Pregnant

Did you know that a woman can become pregnant even if the hymen is still intact? This is possible when the sperm comes in contact with the labia or the vaginal area and the sperms can move through the opening of the vagina and possibly lead to pregnancy! Crazy but a possible situation though!

Do you wish to know more facts about such interesting things? Then, this is the section you need to watch out for.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 15:29 [IST]
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