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Meet The Farmer Who Lost His Arms & Manages To Still Feed His Mom

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The most incredible thing about this case is that despite this man having no arms, he works hard to take care of his mother!

This is the story of a man who lost both his arms at a very young age and yet he manages to lead a normal life and also feeds his 91-year-old mother.

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Though most of us are lucky in many ways where our parents have provided an easy life for us, we take them too much for granted. They have fed us, clothed us, and have even given us a comfortable life while sacrificing many things in their own lives, yet we do not realise their value in our lives.

We all need to learn something really worth following from this story.

Check it out.


Who Is He?

Chen Xingyin Chongqing is a 48-year-old man. He is the youngest son from a six-member family. He farms, cooksand feeds his family, all this while having no arms, as he lost both his arms in an accident.


He Lost His Arms In An Electrical Accident

When he was just seven years old, he lost his arms in an electrical accident. This made it hard for him to work like any other normal person, yet it did not stop him from leading a regular life.


His Mom Began Suffering From Bronchitis

When his mother was 88 years old, she began suffering from bronchitis and was bedridden due to it. He has been taking care of his mother all by himself.


He Makes Food

He uses his feet to prepare and cook for his mother, while he uses his mouth to hold the spoon to feed here. Isn't it truly adorable?

Hats off to this man for teaching us major life goals!


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