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Meaning Of Moles Present On Your Palms

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The meaning of mole positions on our palms is important to be learned, as it can reveal a lot about our personality.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the facts on what happens when moles are present at different positions on the palms.

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According to the Shastras, moles on different body parts have certain indications about a person's past, present and future, his wealth and destiny.

Check out on what exactly do these mole positions mean.


When The Mole Is On The Girdle Of Venus

When a mole is in this position, it is an indication that the person may soon stray away from the path of righteous and virtuous thoughts.


Mole On The Mount Of Moon

A mole on this position is an indication that the person should stay away from deep water sources, like wells, lake, rivers and oceans. It also hints at delayed marriage.


Mole On The Girdle Of Jupiter

When a mole is present on this part, it is an indication of grave marital discord. The person's life is filled with hurdles. They need to put in more efforts when compared to the rest of their peers.

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Mole On The Mount Of Saturn

A mole present on this part indicates that the person will have a late marriage or an uneasy married life. They will find it hard to deal with their partner.


Mole On The Mount Of Sun

A mole present on this part reveals that the person may experience severe impact on their personal image in life. They will receive constant insolence from people around them.


Mole On The Girdle Of Mercury

A mole present on this place is located right under the little finger. The person is expected to bear sudden losses, be it materialistic or emotional pain if the mole is present at this spot.

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