What Does Your Marriage Line On The Palm Signify

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The lines on our palms can reveal much more than what we assume it to. There are lines that can reveal about your love life and marriage too.

Check out and learn about the details of what marriage line reveals about your life. It is said to reveal the details about the importance of love.

The marriage line generally reflects the situation of a person's married life, their love relationships,e tc. Apart from all this, it reveals about their attitude towards love.

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Read on to know more about what exactly the marriage line reveals...


It's Location…

The marriage line is located below the base of the little finger and just above the heart line. The number of lines can differ from a person to person. Some people have only one line and some may have multiple lines. Check out for the longest line, as it helps to understand about your married life.


When The Line Is Straight

A straight long marriage line indicates that the person has a long love life. It shows that they are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy family. If the person has only one marriage line which is deep and long, and it is close enough to touch the Sun line, it shows that the person could not only enjoy a happy married life but will also achieve great success in their career after marriage.


When The Line Is Short

When th marriage line is short, it indicates the person to be passionless to the opposite sex. If it's also shallow, then they are said to lack the patience to pursue the opposite sex as well. They are hard to fall deep in love with. They are also likely to have a late marriage.


When The Lines Are Curved Downwards

When the marriage line goes downwards at the end, just like in the picture, then it's not a good sign, as it predicts the person's partner will die earlier than them. And if it curves downwards suddenly, then there are chances of their partner suffering from accidental death. Apart from this, it also indicates marriage crises and personality clashes with partners.


When The Line Is Curving Upwards

If the marriage line is curved upwards, it indicates the person is constant in love and has a settled married life. They usually do not worry about their finances and can lead a rich life with their partners. The more risen the marriage line, the more happier the person is.

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If The Line Is Forked In This Direction…

If the line is forked at the beginning with a shape of "Y", then it's believed to be a bad sign. It indicates split-up or divorce. If the fork is not that big, and the situation is not so bad as to some extent, it means re-union after separation.


If The Line Is Forked The Other Way…

If the line has split ends, it indicates that the person will face marriage crises and separation. They would also spend their whole life in confusion.


If The Marriage Line Is Short Either Up Or Below…

If there are short lines that are present above or below the marriage line, it indicates that the person will have many quarrels, hard love relationship and even a stubborn character of self. They tend to get sick easily as well.


When The Marriage Line Is Wavy

If the marriage line is wavy, then the person is said to suffer emotionally or have marriage crises. They are usually stubborn, heartless and not nostalgia, which cause them to separate or even get divorced after marriage.


If There Are Two Marriage Lines

Most of the people have two lines. But when the lines are deep, clear with the red colour, people have a sound marriage. If the person has two marriage lines running parallel with the same length, then it indicates a tortuous marriage.


The Parallel Lines…

If there are two lines that are running parallel with different lengths, then it is easy for the person to fall into a love-triangle situation.


When The Parallel Lines Are This Way...

If there are two lines, in which one is short and the other one is longer and are not parallel, it indicates a divorce or separation.


Three Marriage Lines...

When there are three marriage lines present, it is believed that the person has mixed emotions and they have a weak concept of chastity. They are said to have a poor conception of life. They are usually talented, romantic and passionate to the opposite sex.

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