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Belief Of Menstruation Myths That Needs To Be Broken Right Away!

The moment a woman gets her first period, there are different rules and myths that are followed and she's asked to do/follow based on her culture.

Most of the times, when a woman is on her periods, she is considered to be unhygienic. There are some of the most bizarre things that people think about a woman's menstruation.

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Check out the bizarre beliefs that are followed in India and various parts of the world regarding the menstruation.


Women Are Not Allowed To Enter Temples

This is the most common myth that is widely followed. Women are believed to be "unclean" while they are on their periods, as they are not allowed to enter "clean" and holy places like temples. This is a form of gender inequality that limits women from the same human rights like worshiping the same god that men have access to. And we say we still fight for equal rights!


They Can Make Men Sick!

It is believed that women cannot interact with or touch men because men will become sick by the touch of an "unclean" woman. In rural India, women believe that they should not talk to a male member of the family during their periods.

Grossest Things That Women Have Done During Periods


Women Contaminate Food!

When a woman is on her periods in India, there is a belief that many people still follow, which states that women cannot water the plants or cook during this time of the month because of their "uncleanliness" that will spoil the food. Though it sounds stupid, it is still practiced in some parts!

While the menstruation myths list is long in India, check what do other people in the world think about menstruation...


Break The Myths Of Menstruation Blood!

Historically, the period blood was revered and considered to have an immense power. A woman on her period was considered to be powerful and sacred. This heightened the psychic ability to heal the sick.


It Has Magical Powers!

As per the belief, people in Africa believe that menstrual blood can be used in powerful magic rituals to both purify and destroy a person or problem. Hence, women in Africa are considered to be very powerful.


The Romans Believe...

The Romans believed that a menstruating woman could scare away hailstorms, whirlwinds, lightning and other climatic disasters! For sure, the women are given a lot of respect during this time of the month!

This makes us wonder why Indians consider something natural as being "unholy". But at the end, one needs to understand that there is nothing that can bring down a woman's spirit. What do you think? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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