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Villagers Here Have Rs 85 Lakhs In Their Accounts!

We all dream of becoming rich and those who are already rich are blessed! Can you imagine if the government allots you a flat and gifts you a car apart from filling your bank account with 85 lakhs! Sounds impossible, right?

There is a village named Huaxi in China that offers all these facilities to the residents of this village. Each resident has over 85 lakhs or more money than this!

This village is full of world class luxuries and facilities which seem only possible in the realm of imagination.

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Wondering how to get there? Read on to find out about the mysterious richest village of China and know the clause of living here!

Ritual Of Burying People Alive Is Practiced In This Village

Read on...


It Is The Richest Village In China

This village was founded by a local Communist Party secretary Wu Renbao in 1951. The residents of this village are said to have approximately Rs. 85 lakhs or more in their bank accounts. They also own a bungalow and a car. Though the population of this village is just 2,000.


The Deal To Get Rich

It is not easy to become eligible to stay in this village as one must first hold a job in any of the firms that are present in any of the companies of this village. Once the person gets the job, their luxurious life begins. They are provided with a car and bungalow. It does not end there as the residents use the helicopters as taxis to reach their destinations!


The Catch Though!

Though the residents of this village are said to have been provided with all the luxuries and amenities, there is a clause to the deal of living in this village. It is: If a person residing in Huaxi plans to leave the village, then he will lose all the richness and turn poor.


What Jobs Do These Villagers Have?

Huaxi is one of the fast growing and a highly successful village of China which easily yields millions of annual income per year. The actual reason behind this growth of this village is due to its flourishing steel production, textile and clothing business.


The Village Is Less Than A Square Kilometre!

This luxurious village's total square area is a little less than one square kilometre. Can you beat that! This small village has barrack-style dormitories, factories and pagoda style buildings for the residents. The village looks similar to Dubai with respect to its luxuriousness.


The International Luxury Long Wish Hotel

This village has each and everything that you need to get in the current modern era. The special 'The International Luxury Long Wish Hotel', here has more than 826 rooms. Out of these 826 rooms, more than 16 are presidential suites. Hold your breathe as this unique hotel has one Gold Presidential Suite that costs around Rs 10 lakhs per night!


The Hanging Village Of Huaxi

Even though this village is hardly spread across a space of less than a kilometre, it has a lot of fascinating stuff which attracts tourists. Its skyscraper looks tall and strangely incongruous. This unique skyscraper is said to have 72 storeys and it is named as the Hanging Village of Huaxi. The height of this skyscraper is 328 m tall which is 4 m more than Eiffel Tower!

Images Source: Reuters

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Story first published: Thursday, July 27, 2017, 11:55 [IST]
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