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How Do Each Of The Zodiac Signs Control Their Emotions

Did you know that all the 'Air signs', which are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the best when it comes to controlling their emotions?

These signs are also known to be quite notorious for appearing emotionally distant in some or the other way.

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Apart from this, the other water signs or fire signs are believed to be deeply emotional and sometimes they let their feelings run away with them.

So check out on how each zodiac sign expresses its emotions!



They can control their emotions but generally they do not. They like to use anything to fuel their fire because it makes them happy. They also find a rush and joy from anything that will spice up their daily life.


They are stubborn and do not like to show their emotions to people unless required. They are more concerned with their goals and ambitions. They convince themselves that there is simply no time to just feel anything.

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They can control their emotions very well. They are great at masking their true feelings and showing whichever side of themselves at that very moment. They have what appears to be a ‘get up and get over it' attitude on the outside, especially with other people.


These guys cannot hide their emotions and really cannot control them. Their main negative emotion is sadness, confusion, anger or even frustration, which turns out to be sadness eventually. To unleash these emotions, they shed crocodile tears onto anyone who would listen to them.


These guys get what they want when they want it. They are bad in hiding their emotions, as they don't really feel like they should ever have to. They are not even ashamed or embarrassed about anything. Apart from this, they do not even hesitate to let anything get in the way of their success or glory.


These guys very rarely show their emotions, unless they have a good reason for it. They would not show their feelings unless necessary because they are always keeping up with their busy-body lives and reality.


They are often judged to be very unfeeling as they do not put their emotions up or show it even in the slightest. They are one of the most secretive people to be around with when it comes to their true feelings and it seems as though they are calm, nonchalant and cool on the outside, but that is not the case, as there is more chaos going on inside them.


They are very emotional and though they may not be able to mask it, they can certainly channel it. They have the ability to let their feelings to be the fuel for whatever they may need it for at the moment.


As they are the fire signs, they can get very fiery and intimidating. They are usually true to what they say and show. Apart from this, they can control their emotions but most of the time they don't need to even try.


They are the most patient people when compared to any other zodiac signs. They will wait to see if their emotions are real and if they have been consistent. They can also control them as long as they need to with a honest dedication for the things they do!


Being an air sign they appear out of the loop to other people. They are often said to be unpredictable and do not show their true emotions to anyone they are not close to. It is hard to know if you are even really close to them, as they act pleasant and sociable with everyone.


Pisces are very much connected to others. They have their own feelings but they are the most empathetic of all the signs, as they can feel what others are feeling at that particular moment. They can control their own sadness, but when they feel sad for someone else, it is very apparent.

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