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4000-Year-Old Remains Of Decapitated Toads Discovered In Jerusalem Tomb

Archaeologists look out for some of the interesting things of the past and if they come across something that completely defines the lifestyle of the past, it gets interesting to know about these.

Here, we bring to you an interesting case where the archaeologists have discovered headless toads kept safely in a pot in a cemetery of Jerusalem.

This discovery of the pot is under investigation and its study as an understanding of the Bronze era is getting interesting.

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According To Researchers...

According to the researchers, finding sealed tombs are a "priceless treasure", as it explains on how they act as a kind of time capsule that sheds light on funerary customs of that particular era.


This Was Found In Jerusalem

The Israel's Antiquities Authority, which is also known as the IAA, had revealed that the remains of at least nine decapitated toads were found in a pot vessel, which was discovered inside a 4000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem.


It Is Believed To Be An Offering

The archaeologists revealed that it is believed that the remains were a part of a burial offering, which were offered for the deceased to use in the afterworld.

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The Archaeologists Revealed

In regard to the headless toads that were found in the vessel, one of the archaeologists revealed: "It is impossible to determine what role the toads played, but they are clearly part of the funerary rituals."

What do you think the toads were offered as? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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