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Have You Heard About The Breast Temple?

Japan is a place where a person would find many weird things. Be it the bizarre temples or the food, Japan is famous for all these things.

A breasts temple in Japan is famous for a specific reason. Here, we are about to enlighten you about the reason of having this boobs temple.

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Check out as to what happens here and what does this place signify, as it is quite bizarre to have a temple like this!

This temple is located in Soja City, in Japan's Okayama Prefecture. This temple is unique because it is named Mama Kannon in Japan or Ryuuon Ji. It is dedicated to Chichigamisama, the Goddess of Breasts.

Read on to know more details about this place...

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It Was Built In…

This unique temple was built in 1678, but the shrine became famous now due to a dead weeping cherry tree that grew in its premises.


The Walls Are Hung With…

The walls of the temple are hung with countless ema, which is also known as the votive tablets. These emas are representations of female breasts.


Ema And Ema All Over…

Ema is nothing but breast-like things that decorate the shrine's interior. It consists of small wooden planks, where worshipers can write their prayers and requests to the Goddess.


The Belief…

People here believe that the Goddess of Breasts would help with safe child births, and also with the production of breast milk. It is said that the Goddess here would even cure breast cancer.


There Are Many Reasons Why Women Pray Here…

Women not only pray for a safe child birth, abundant lactation or for breast cancer healing, but there are also those who pray for larger breasts or even pink nipples!!

Well ladies, what do you think? Would you be interested in visiting this place? Do share your thoughts and comments on this in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, February 27, 2017, 18:06 [IST]
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