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These Pictures Of Women Can Leave The World Haunted For Days

Certain stories will always remain a mystery, as the secrets die along with the person in some of the cases.

Here is one such case of Rodney Alcala who was a 69-year-old serial killer and the mystery of his locker box would confuse the world still..

He was sentenced to death but the thousand odd pictures of different women that Alcala had kept in a locker created a mystery of what exactly had happened.

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Continue reading to know about this mystery of the unknown women, which once seen can leave one haunted for days.


He Was Sentenced To Death In 2010...

Alcala was sentenced to death in 2010. He was known as one of California's most prolific serial killers. He was sentenced to death for the sexual assault and murder of two women in California, and other two in NY.


He Was Named As...

He was given the nickname of "The Dating Game Killer". This was due to an appearance he made on that popular TV show while he was in the midst of his killing spree. In the show, he won a date with the bachelorette. But she never went out with him, as she felt he was a "creepy man."

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He Confessed For More Murders…

While he was being charged for the murders of the two women in California, he confessed to have killed the other two victims across the country. The authorities believe that, he could have easily killed up to 150 women during his murdering spree.


The Cops Got A Shock Of Their Lives…

According to sources, when the police raided his storage locker, they discovered thousands of pictures of unknown women and young children. The authorities were confused to find pictures of so many unknown women. They looked through the pics hoping that they might lend some clues.


Some Of The Pictures Were Explicit…

Some of the pictures that the police confiscated were far too explicit to be seen by the public. Hence, the police decided it was in the public's best interest to release the rest, as they believed that they might have included some of his other victims.


When The Pictures Were Released…

When the cops released the pictures, there were several women who quickly came forward and claimed to be them in the picture. Hence, it was proved to the police that some of them were still very much alive. But it remains a mystery as to why had he possessed their photos in the first place!


The Question Seemed To Have An Answer…

When the authorities did a detailed research on how the pictures landed up with so many shots of different women, it was learnt that Alcala had worked as a photographer before he turned into a serial killer. In turn, some of the pics they confiscated were of aspiring models building their portfolios.


On The Other Hand, It Was Still A Mystery…

While many women were found to be alive and claimed that their pictures were clicked during their modelling struggle, there were those relatives as well, who frantically approached the cops and claimed that women in many pictures still remain to be missing, as their details were never found.


The Cops Are Still Finding A Solution…

Since the cops worked tirelessly to examine every lead that came their way, there has been no concrete development in the case, as most of these photographs of different women had nothing in them, not even an evidence, which showed Alcala to be the reason behind it or anything related to him...


The Never Found Solution...

The police have still not been able to connect the tips they received to any of the pics. This could be a mystery left unanswered forever, as it leaves a room of doubts in our brain if the pictures were merely photographs from his collection or, perhaps, victims he wished to claim but had not got a chance yet.

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Story first published: Monday, October 30, 2017, 16:24 [IST]
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