Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Man Would Suit You, Based On Zodiac Sign

'Game Of Thrones' series is something that is keeping the youth hooked up to of late. With Season 7 being aired currently, there is a lot that people tend to look out for.

So, we bring to you the list of "Game Of Thrones" male characters who are just perfect, according to your zodiac sign, dear ladies.

We must say that each of these men fits in perfectly for each zodiac sign and we bet, you cannot agree more on this.

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So, check out the list!


Aries: Podrick Payne

Being a person of this zodiac sign, you are confident in your skills, and being dominant comes naturally to you. Podrick being a sweet guy is the perfect match for you, and he can sure prove to be your knight in shining armour.

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Taurus: Jaqen H’ghar

Jaqen is an unpredictable and unstable man that you would hardly need to work on. He is also the ideal guy for a perfect one-night stand. He is somebody who wouldn't look for a serious relationship, hence this makes a perfect match. Apart from this, his mysterious vibes perfectly match with your practical thinking. Do not get offended when he calls you the "girl", as you need to know that he's not really into faces or names.

Gemini: Petyr Baelish

Being a person of this zodiac sign, you would have heard enough from people saying that you have a split personality. Who better that Baelish to be a perfect match for your on-and-off relationship, as he's also known to have constantly switched sides as well? Even though he is often called the 'Littlefinger', he makes no mistakes.

Cancer: Gendry Baratheon

Being a typical Cancerian, you are a sentimental person who enjoys the security of being around your family and loved ones. But as a person of this senti sign, you love to get down and dirty like real freaks! And a man like Gendry is the perfect match for you, as he has royal blood and we know that he will definitely treat you like a queen.

Leo: Jaime Lannister

If you are a Leo, it means that you need a 'Lion' and that would mean the leading Lannister himself? Going by his interesting traits, he is a perfect match for your dominant tendencies and can pounce on you at any given time! Though he was known to be a little closer with his sissy, you can ignore that.

Virgo: Grey Worm

Your tender and emotional way of looking at life will be best suited with the gentle soul of Grey Worm. He is completely made of BF material, hence expecting one-night stands with him is nearly impossible. Apart from this, he would also make you feel loved even on your lowest days.

Libra: Ser Jorah Mormont

He is known to be the best devoted to you when you get into a committed relationship with him. He will also ensure that you are never low at any point of time and he can do anything to make you feel happy. The best thing about him is that he's like the golden retriever of GoT men. Lucky you!

Scorpio: Khal Drogo

Just like any true Scorpion, you are intense and passionate as a lover. A personality like Khal will ignite and freak you out, as he perfectly suits your zodiac sign. There are times when you would get to see a soft side of his when he will also say some poetic stuff to remind you of his massive heart. We must say, this is cute!

Sagittarius: Prince Oberyn Martell

Being curious and intelligent is something that comes naturally to the people of this zodiac sign. If you are a person who loves challenges, then having an adventurous soul by your side is important! Oberyn's character is known to be that of a witty, well-travelled guy who is always ready to draw his sword at any given moment. Being in a relationship with him, you need to realise that you can never expect a typical love affair, as his curiosity takes a whole new level in bed.

Capricorn: Jon Snow

Being a person of this zodiac sign, you are known to generally put up walls around you to protect your heart, and not to get hurt easily. Well, Jon Snow is the perfect match for you, as he loves walls!

Aquarius: Daario Naharis

He is one of the most beautiful men out there. According to him, he only has two talents in this world which are: war and women. When you are in a relationship with him, a great conversation is expected to happen. Apart from this, he might be beautiful, but his intelligence is what really gets you going! Do we need to say anything at all?

Pisces: Robb Stark

Being a person of this zodiac, you are constantly pouring yourself into others. As a person, you do not expect anyone to give back but you do hope that someone will and who better than Robb Stark himself! As his character defines him to be a caring, honorable man, he's the one who could make you go weak in the knees, ladies.

If you'd wish to know the best female partner for you according to your zodiac sign, then keep checking this section...

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